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Mimic Not The Swan January 2, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Mindfulness, Poetry.

Patrick Kavanagh, an Irish Poet, wrote a poem, Lines Written on a Seat on the Grand Canal, Dublin, which contains the following line:

A swan goes by, head low, with many apologies.


How many of us mimic the swan?

Rather than holding our heads high, and showing our worth to the world, we hang our heads low and apologize for our essence.

Unfettered, our Spirit shines brighter than stars in the night sky.

Mimic not the swan,
head low in apology.

The stars watch you shine.


When we know who we are . . . we know how to live.



1. Shannon Sullivan - January 2, 2011

Thank you for the post Nancy. Beautifully phrased:

What if we are learning more about who we are and it doesn’t quite “fit” what we were before and we face judgement from close friends for not “doing” the same as we have done in the past. It is heartbreaking to feel and makes me question who my “authentic” self really is.

nrhatch - January 2, 2011

Sometimes we are faced with a tough choice. We can be who WE want to be . . . or who THEY want us to be.

In short, we have to decide which is more important . . . our freedom or their acceptance.

nrhatch - January 2, 2011

This post might help:


People who are close to us have a vested interest in having us stay exactly as we are ~ if we listen to them, rather than embracing change, we stagnate.

2. Shannon Sullivan - January 2, 2011

Thank you Nancy. That is what I am learning .. practicing … the difficulty comes when many of my friends are already “the black sheep” and practice the Shamanic Path and so their Spiritual World whispering may whisper different messages than mine so then I get tangled up.

nrhatch - January 2, 2011

If they were truly on the Shamanic Path, perhaps they would not rush to judgment?

3. Cindy - January 2, 2011

Sometimes easier read than put into practice …

nrhatch - January 2, 2011

Yes, indeed. Simple in concept, difficult in practice.

4. Lyndatjie - January 3, 2011

I agree 100%
Ceasar Milan teaches us that our own inner energy and confidence in ourselves is an indication for animals on how to treat us. Surely the same applies on some base level to humans?

nrhatch - January 3, 2011

I expect so. When we are being true to ourselves, our inner light and integrity shines forth for all to see.

5. Grannymar - May 19, 2014

Nancy, to see the bonze sculpture of Patrick Kavanah on his bench, at the Grand Canal, Dublin,and a little info about about the man, take a look at a post I wrote: On the Bench.

nrhatch - May 19, 2014

Thanks, GM! I love the hat sitting next to him On the Bench.

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