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7 Tips to Keep Colds Away January 2, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Exercise & Fitness, Health & Wellness, Humor.

220px-Arthur-Pyle_The_Enchanter_MerlinNot long ago, I cleaned out our medicine cabinet and discarded all the expired cold medications.

It had been ages since either of us had had a cold.

Out went the dusty boxes of DayQuil and NyQuil.

The day after clutter busting, my throat felt a bit scratchy.

Warning!  Warning! 

The day after that, I woke up with a cold.

Of course.

You try it.  Just toss out your cold and flu medications, and see how long it takes you to come down with a case of the sniffles. 

{{Acchhooo ! ! ! }}

Since we had no cold medicine in the house, I took two aspirin and a Vitamin C caplet and proceeded to organize my writing files.

Despite feeling like Sneezy, I made great progress.

At day’s end, my writing nook looked organized . . . and snazzy.

Why snazzy?

Due to the cold’s effect on my respiratory system, I  ran through the tired old box of tissues on my desk in record time, and replaced it with a brand new snazzy box.

Unless you want to test my theory, here are seven tips to help keep colds and flu away:

1.  Stay away from sick people, and from people who might be sick.  Since it takes cold and flu bugs about 24 hours to manifest themselves in visible symptoms, you should assume that everyone might be sick.  Stay away from them. 

2.  Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.  Killing germs is the best way to avoid transmitting germs.

3.  Get enough sleep and eat right to keep your immune system functioning at maximum capacity.


4.  Drink plenty of fluids, including herbal teas.  Dry winter air takes its toll on nasal passageways.

5.  Most viruses enter the body through the eyes, nose or mouth ~ so don’t touch your face.  And don’t let anyone else touch your face. 

6.  Eat garlic.  It does more than ward off vampires ~ it has antibacterial properties and helps detoxify the body.

7.  Be optimistic!  A recent study published in Psychological Science suggests that being positive and upbeat can directly boost the immune system.

Laughing each day keeps the doctor away!

For more information and tips:  Natural Cold & Flu Remedies * Minimizing Cold & Flu Germs At Home

And also:  Conquering Cold Season (Agrigirl’s Blog)


1. Naomi - January 2, 2011

Sorry to hear abut your cold, Nance – hope you get better quickly! With your positive frame of mind, I’m sure you will 😉

nrhatch - January 2, 2011

I’m breathing easy today. 🙂

And my pseudo-office is clutter-free and ready for writing!

2. Cindy - January 2, 2011

Get better soon!

nrhatch - January 2, 2011

Nary a sniffle in sight. My optimism chased the germs away. 😉

3. Lyndatjie - January 2, 2011

Shame man – I hope you feel better soon. And a pox on the medicine that landed in the bin for putting the bad luck fairy where it can see you… gggrrr…

nrhatch - January 2, 2011

Thanks, Lyndatjie.

Colds are annoying, but rarely fatal to anything other than our continued good temper. 🙂

4. Richard W Scott - January 2, 2011

Hey, waitaminute! I was just reading this and started to sneeze. I think your blog is infected with a computer cold virus.


nrhatch - January 2, 2011

Oh, those pesky cyber-viruses! 🙂

5. Maggie - January 2, 2011

Good tips! Taking zinc when you feel a cold coming on helps too.

nrhatch - January 2, 2011

It does seem like zinc may lessen the severity and/or duration of the nasty buggers.

6. Carol Ann Hoel - January 2, 2011

All good advice. But did you ever try not to touch your face? I have my finger in my eye before I can catch it. Ahem. Which no doubt makes me a big germ on the prowl! I do wash my hands many times in a day. I haven’t had a cold in a long, long time. Blessings to you and I hope your cold is gone…

nrhatch - January 2, 2011

I had to laugh when I read your comment . . . as I was in the middle of wiping a stray hair away from my eye. 🙂

I wash my hands . . . and cross my fingers.

And I’m feeling great today. Not a germ in sight.

7. M. Howalt - January 3, 2011

Really good pieces of advice!
As for garlic keeping vampires away, that’s just a myth though. At least according to this guy I’m writing about. 😉 (Please excuse my poor attempt at being witty.)

nrhatch - January 3, 2011

Oh, Alannah’s got a vampire book in the works as well. Do you know her?

If not, click Sinister Echoes on my blogroll.

M. Howalt - January 3, 2011

No, I don’t, but I’ll check out her blog. Thank you! 🙂

nrhatch - January 3, 2011

You’re welcome ~ I love playing “matchmaker.”

8. nrhatch - September 18, 2015

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