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Winter Warmth December 24, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Poetry.

Listen to the wind
As it rushes to and fro
Snuggle ever closer to
The fire’s warming glow

Relaxed and reposed
Rocking back and forth
Warmed by burning logs
Glowing on the hearth

The Eve of Christmastide
Despite the dark of night
Surrounds us with Peace
Bathed in firelight

Be Merry.  Be Bright.

Filled with warmth, joy,
laughter, and light.

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1. Alannah Murphy - December 24, 2010

Great photo Nancy 🙂

nrhatch - December 24, 2010

Thanks! We snapped it at Manatee Historic Village during the Cracker Christmas celebration two weeks ago.

Alannah Murphy - December 24, 2010

Love it, it’s perfect and almost looks as if you were in some cold place, as opposed to sunny Florida 🙂

nrhatch - December 24, 2010

It’s been cooler than normal this year ~ my sweatshirt’s been a fairly constant companion.

2. kateshrewsday - December 24, 2010

And you got it just right, Nancy 🙂 beautiful. The light shines out of the post. Marry Christmas….I’m off to track Santa on NORAD…

nrhatch - December 24, 2010

Thanks, Kate!

I’m sure the kids will LOVE tracking Santa’s progress around the globe. 🙂

3. Ollin - December 24, 2010


4. suzicate - December 24, 2010

Beautiful. I feel the Light and the peace. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

nrhatch - December 24, 2010

God bless us, everyone. 🙂

5. Carol Ann Hoel - December 24, 2010

Beautiful poem, Nancy. Winter warmth… I knew it had to be by the fireplace. There is no warmth quite as inviting as that from a glowing fire in a hearth. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you…

nrhatch - December 24, 2010

The best thing about winter . . . warming up before a crackling fire on the hearth.

Have a wonderful celebration tomorrow, Carol Ann.

6. Arvik - December 24, 2010

This is beautiful… Have a joyful, restful Christmas, Nancy!

nrhatch - December 24, 2010

Thanks, Arvik. You do the same. 🙂

7. Cindy - December 25, 2010

Lovely Nancy, I’m going to print the pic and keep it on my notice board.
Be merry.

nrhatch - December 25, 2010

Aww . . . sweet!

I can be your amusing muse. 😉

8. M. Howalt - December 25, 2010

Brilliant. Happy holidays to you!
(And thank you for the link.)

nrhatch - December 25, 2010

Thanks, M! (Does that stand for Merry or Marvelous?)

Enjoy the day!

M. Howalt - December 25, 2010

Hehe, just for the season let’s say it’s Merry. 😉

nrhatch - December 25, 2010

‘Tis the season to be . . . merry!

9. linda - December 26, 2010

Very nice photo of you. You are such a happy positive spirit! I’m positive that you had a great Christmas!

nrhatch - December 26, 2010

Thanks, Linda.

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