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Exactly $1,594,699?! December 21, 2010

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Medieval_kitchenMaybe I’m just getting more cynical and jaded with each passing year . . .

Nestled among today’s incoming Christmas cards, I received an unsolicited yuletide solicitation from Feeding America (the charity formerly known as America’s Second Harvest).

Opening the card caused my Misrepresentation Meter to erupt in laughter, tossed with a hint of derision, a sprinkling of scorn, and a pinch of chagrin.

In pertinent part, Feeding America’s yuletide missive stated:

We need your help!  More families than ever are turning to our food banks just to get by.

We must raise $1,594,699 by December 31 so we can feed kids and adults in need.

I wonder what happens if they only raise $1,594,697?

Or if they miss the self-imposed deadline by a day or two?

I’m all for keeping our food banks stocked, especially during the holidays, but my Misrepresentation Meter gets annoyed when charities use such transparent ploys to tug at our heart (and purse) strings.

As a result, this request is going on the back burner . . . at least until after the first of the year.

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Press “Pause” and Enjoy the Present December 21, 2010

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As a child, Christmas morning garnered my  attention and held it in its sticky peppermint scented fist until the last wrapping fell away from secrets hidden for days within enticing boxes, bags, bows, ribbons, and tags.

As we tidied up from the unwrapping frenzy, an immediate feeling of loss would overwhelm me.

It’s over. 


We~shan’t~see~it~again~for~three~ hundred~sixty~five~whole~days.

As an adult, that “It’s Over” moment beckons me forward as we exchange  Christmas cards, gifts, and greetings. 

Once “It’s Over” . . . I inhale the scents (and sense) of the season anew. 

As the wrappings are cleared away, seasonal obligations and responsibilities fall away as well.  

No more cards to send.  No presents to wrap.  No secrets to keep.

And . . . an entire week of Sundays before New Year’s Resolutions must be made (if only to shatter in short order).

If you, like me, love the lull between Christmas Day and the dawning of the New Year . . . 

If you embrace that pause in the hectic pace of life by curling up with a favorite book, new or old . . .

If you need some ideas for your list of “must reads” . . .

Swing by Write Up My Life and savor Julie’s 200th post:  200 Of My Most Favorite Books

Her list is a delight, organized by category, with ten enticing choices in each, and a bonus category to boot.

Press “Pause” and enjoy the Gift of NOW ~ the best Present of the year.

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Light’s Out! December 21, 2010

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If you missed the lunar eclipse last night because:

A. You live in the Southern Hemisphere
B.  Clouds obscured your view
C.  Sleep prevailed over stargazing as your activity of choice or necessity
D.  “What lunar eclipse?”

Enjoy . . .

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