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Dark Clouds December 12, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Magick & Mystery, Mindfulness, Nature, Poetry.

IMGP2904bThe magic
Of this vast Universe
My imagination

The mystery
Of its ancient stars
Holds hostage
My attention and wonder

Until dark clouds
Pressed down
At the horizon
Roll in

Obscuring my view

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1. Paula Tohline Calhoun - December 12, 2010

And wonder of wonders, when the clouds disperse, we see the stars have been there all along!:-D

nrhatch - December 12, 2010

The sun is always shining . . . no matter how black the clouds overhead.

2. gospelwriter - December 12, 2010

Exactly (re your & PTC’s comments above). What is needed is not fewer clouds, but less fear, more trust in the real, as opposed to the illusion. Clouds are real, but they hide much. Until they don’t… 🙂

nrhatch - December 12, 2010

So true.

While I have many more “sunny” days than I used to (mostly because I focus on small blessings and everyday miracles), the clouds still roll in from time to time, obscuring my enjoyment of the present moment.

The solution is to extricate ourselves from the paralyzing grip of the past, ignore our fears for the future, and reclaim our joy right here, right now.

Thanks, Ruth!

3. Carol Ann Hoel - December 12, 2010

Beautiful verse. Awesome. Blessings to you…

nrhatch - December 12, 2010

Thanks, Carol Ann. Here’s to maintaining our sense of wonder and awe, no matter the clouds.

4. Cindy - December 12, 2010

Banish the clouds!

nrhatch - December 12, 2010

Yes! “Be gone!”

5. 4minutewriter - December 13, 2010

Oh those pesky dark clouds! Yet sometimes it’s the process we go through to get past them that transforms us- like the grain of sand in the oyster.

nrhatch - December 13, 2010

Well said, Zoe. The pearl forms around that irritating grain of sand.

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