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Food & Fitness: Holiday Parties December 1, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Exercise & Fitness, Food & Drink, Health & Wellness.

Tiggers-R-UsWith the Holiday Season soon to be in full swing, here are a few tips to get you through the season without gaining unwanted pounds or undesired girth.


* At breakfast, skip the donut and grab a bowl of whole-grain cereal or oatmeal piled high with fruit.

* Instead of butter or cream cheese on your toast, or bagel use unsweetened fruit jam or low-fat cottage cheese.

* Put leftover veggies in the blender, purée, heat, and enjoy instant soup for a light lunch.  Or toss them together into a salad with light dressing.

* Have a low-calorie filling snack before the big feast so you don’t arrive ravenous and lose control.



* Indulging a little at parties, especially during the Holidays, can actually increase your motivation to become fit and fantastic.

* Put 20% fewer high calorie foods and 20% more fruits and vegetables on your plate ~ you probably won’t notice, but your scales will thank you in the morning!

* Eat healthier foods first ~ they’ll fill you up and you’ll be less likely to overindulge on the other tasty treats.

* Watch the alcohol which has almost  200 calories per ounce and slows down the metabolism.

* Too much alcohol impairs judgment ~ the more you drink, the more you are likely to eat.

* Serve yourself instead of allowing someone else to overfill your plate.

* Eat slow.  If you wolf down your food, and others are still eating, you’ll want seconds.  Instead, take a sip of water every bite or two to slow yourself down.

* Use a salad or dessert plate ~ the smaller the dish, the less food you’ll eat and the smaller you’ll be at the end of the season.

* Substitute cranberry sauce, loaded with anti-oxidants, for fatty high calorie gravy.

* Have just a few bites of dessert ~ the first bite always tastes best anyway.



* Exercise more to counter-balance the increased calories of party fare.

* Take a stroll after dinner ~ it will burn calories, relieve bloating, and prevent heartburn.

* Each time you go shopping, do a few laps around the mall before you begin to shop.

* Bring fruit to snack on and skip the food court.

* Be sure to step on the scale regularly and avoid devouring an entire fridge full of leftovers at one sitting.


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Green America Gift Memberships December 1, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Home & Garden, People, Sustainable Living.

Want an easy way to give your friends and family a meaningful gift that reflects the true spirit of the holiday season?

A gift that will work with even the thriftiest budget?

Give Green America Gift Memberships ~ a gift that gives your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors the resources they need to save money and live healthier and greener lives year round.


For BIG savings, take advantage of Green America’s Special Green Holiday Offer . . . buy 4 gift memberships and get 1 free!

The first membership gift costs just $15. The second and third are only $10 each. The fourth is $5, and the fifth is free.

That’s five gift memberships for $40 ~ a savings of $85!

With their gift membership, your friends will receive:

* Green America ‘s National Green Pages™— the only comprehensive directory to thousands of eco-friendly, socially responsible products and services in your area and online.

All businesses are screened with strict social and environmental responsibility screens . . . No Greenwashing!

* Guide to Socially Responsible Investing — Includes worksheets, tips, how-to articles and the most comprehensive directory of socially responsible investment services ever published.

*  Green American ~ a bimonthly resource for practical and powerful green ideas.  This coming year, look for features on local and organic food, taking back our finance systems, and green energy solutions.  Green America’s  newsletter will give them great ideas and hope all year long.

But perhaps the best reason for giving Green America Gift Memberships is that you are helping to grow the movement of people working together to build a more just and sustainable society.

And that’s a gift we all can enjoy ~ now and for generations to come.