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Joy To The World! November 29, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, Happiness, Less IS More, Poetry.


This year,

instead of spending

the Holidays in crowded stores,

running up credit card debt that will take

months to pay off, to buy stuff that

will soon be collecting dust,

 simplify your celebration

by focusing on the

 reason for the





with the Holiday Spirit * 

Join S.C.R.O.O.G.E. (the Society

to Curtail Ridiculous, Outrageous, and Ostentatious

 Gift Exchanges) * Watch Holiday Classics with your wee ones 

* Pop popcorn and string some for the tree * Make homemade ornaments * 

Light a candle and say a Prayer for someone each night in December *

Decorate an outdoor

 tree with nuts, seeds,

& berries for the birds




your kids

pick a favorite charity 

and donate time or money

during the Holidays * Instead of

giving a gift to someone who already

has everything, have a tree planted in their honor * 

Visit a Prison, Nursing Home, Children’s Ward, or Homeless

Shelter with simple homemade gifts (cookies, candy & cards) * Focus

on giving gifts that

foster family  fun

(Puzzles, Food,

Movies, Games) 




Neighbors and

Friends over for Cocoa,

Cookies, and Carols * Read

Dickens, A Christmas Carol (“God

Bless Us, Everyone!”) to your children

 or grandchildren * Adopt a family or child for 

Kwanzaa, Christmas, or Hanukkah and make sure they 

have a Holiday Feast to remember * Go Caroling around your

neighborhood and admire the decorations * Focus on the blessings and

 abundance in your life * Spend a few moments in reverential silence each

 evening *  Perform one act of kindness each day during the Holidays * Say a

fervent Prayer for

Peace on Earth 

and Goodwill

towards Man  

May we all delight in the Peace, Hope, Love, and Joy of this Festive Season, whether we celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or the Winter Solstice!

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1. Cindy - November 29, 2010

Love your trees 😀

nrhatch - November 29, 2010

Thanks! We started incorporating simple pleasures into our holiday celebration a few years ago.

My favorite . . . turn out the lights, put on a Winter Solstice CD, and bask in the glow of the tree and a few candles.

2. kateshrewsday - December 1, 2010

Wonderful approach, Nancy, Maddie fell in love with your bird Christmas tree idea and is designing as we speak. We may have to run off a copy of this and baton it to the fridge. Brilliant, practical advice. Thank you.

nrhatch - December 1, 2010

Yay! We loved doing that at our last house. If you spread peanut butter on a pine cone, then roll it in birdseed . . . the birds say YUM! (so will the raccoons)

Here, there are too many birds to feed, but they aren’t contending with freezing temps.

3. Paula Tohline Calhoun - December 4, 2010

Don’t know how I missed this the first time around, but I’m glad you gave me the link! It’s all a part of the great Advent & Christmas Conspiracy! Thanks, Nancy!

As you see, I’m doing my best to get the word out to as many as possible. Our church will be digging/building a well outside of Nairobi this spring with the money we will collect in water bottles (1/2 liter) that were handed out the Sunday before Thanksgiving. All who wanted (100’s did!)took a bottle, drank the water in gratitude, and were asked to fill the bottle with money (bills, change or check). This “water money” will be used to build that well. Such a small and simple thing to do, and such a great pay-off. There are so many ways we can enjoy Advent and Christmas that do not involve spending one dime on useless “things,” and bring so much more joy than any consumerism ever will or could.

nrhatch - December 4, 2010

When I saw your post, this post seemed to be a perfect fit. The more we have simplified the season, the more we have enjoyed it.

I love the idea of raising money to provide drinking water to those who don’t have ready access to it.

4. Paula Tohline Calhoun - December 4, 2010

I guess the part I like about it most is not just raising money, but giving the money INSTEAD of spending it elsewhere on unneeded things. It rings so very true for me, and it is liberating! As much as I enjoy giving gifts – always the most fun of Christmas – I so much more welcome the opportunity to do a little good for people in so much greater need. I no longer have that “push/shove” to get out to the stores and just buy – sometimes just for the sake of buying something. Free at last!

Our sons and their families, and of course Zoë, for her first Christmas, will all be joining us here at the ol’ homestead. We’ll prepare a feast together, and sit down and ENJOY it! Perhaps we’ll be a bit tired from having provided all the music for the 11 p.m. Christmas Eve service, but we will not be suffering from last minute-itis and/or shopping overload!

Merry Christmas, indeed!

nrhatch - December 4, 2010

I feel the same way. For most of the past 10 years, or so, we’ve given the adults on our list gifts like planting trees in National Forests (through the Arbor Day Foundation and National Wildlife Federation) or giving gift memberships to charities (like Audubon or Green America). Much more fulfilling than buying them STUFF to CLUTTER up their homes.

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