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PETS: First Aid Kit Essentials November 28, 2010

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Having First Aid Kits available before an injury or accident occurs saves valuable time ~ both for us and our beloved pets.

Here’s some items to include in your pet’s First Aid Kit:

* Phone number and address of Veterinarian, Emergency Animal Hospital, and Poison Control

* Photocopies of medical records, vaccinations, microchip number, etc.

* Medical Gloves to protect hands and prevent contamination

* Scissors to cut gauze or the animal’s fur

* Mild antibacterial soap to clean skin and wounds

* Gauze Pads for wounds

* Gauze Rolls for wounds or to use as a temporary muzzle

* Alcohol Prep Pads to sterilize equipment, NOT for use on wounds

* Self-Adhesive Bandages to wrap and stabilize injuries

* Eyewash (contact lens solution or water) to flush out wounds and eyes

* Iodine Ointment for burns, cuts, and abrasions

* Tweezers for removing foreign objects from skin and paws

* Triple Antibiotic Ointment for cuts and abrasions (NOT for eyes)

* Cotton Swabs

* A Basic Pet First Aid book

Borrowing Beats Buying November 28, 2010

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Share Some Sugar brings together people seeking to share or borrow seldom-used items they would rather not buy.

“There’s so much stuff we already own that’s sitting around in our garages collecting dust,” says Keara Schwartz, founder.  “It feels good to share.”

When we borrow a seldom-used item instead of buying our own, we:

* Save money (and space in our garage)
* Strengthen trust and community ties with neighbors. 
* Consume less and lower our environmental footprint.

If we loan a seldom used item of ours:

* We feel good.  Sharing is caring.
* We develop a sense of community with neighbors.
* We have a chance to meet new people.

Shared items might include: Ladders, Pressure Washers, Party Chairs & Tents, Carpet Steamers, Kayaks, Canoes, Sewing Machines, Bikes, etc.

Interested? Visit Share Some Sugar . . . why buy when you can borrow?

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