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Black Friday: Experiential Gifts November 26, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Less IS More, Mindfulness, Sustainable Living.

Angela Barton has some wonderful ideas for Gift Giving:  Experiential Gifts for the Holidays.  

What’s an experiential gift?  . . . a Gift of Experience from the Heart!

A few examples from Angela’s list:

* Museum or Zoo Memberships
* Concert or Theatre Tickets
* Spa or Massage Services
* Gym Memberships
* Yoga or Pilates Classes
* Charitable Gifts (Gifts of Hope)
* CSA Memberships (produce)
* Membership in a Wine Club

Experiential Gifts is the first segment of a series Angela posted last year about non-consumer holiday gift giving. 

In addition to tips on Experiential Gifts, she posted ideas for Handmade Gifts, and other frugal gift ideas that cost under $10.

So save yourself (and your wallet) from another crowded mind-numbing visit to the mall, and swing by My Year Without Spending instead!


1. Cindy - November 26, 2010

I love the idea of classes as a gift.

nrhatch - November 26, 2010

Me too! Something that is truly beneficial to the recipient . . . to learn and grow. 🙂

Wine tasting 101, anyone???

2. Rev. Col - November 26, 2010

I also love the idea of classes as a gift. The museum tickets are great too. Now to convince people that’s better than a lame gift card to some store I never go to.

nrhatch - November 27, 2010

Start dropping hints . . . “I’d love tickets to the museum.” 🙂

Rev. Col - November 27, 2010

I’d drop hints, but these are gift cards I get in the mail (aka, I never see or speak to these people). They’d also be extremely insulted that I would “dare not want what they give me,” regardless of how I worded it. These are the same people who know I am vegan, organic, gluten free, and male, and they send me meat, bread, and philosophy perfume (women’s perfume. So…. yeah…

nrhatch - November 28, 2010

Well, maybe you can just tell the Universe what you want and cross your fingers. 🙂

3. Artswebshow - November 27, 2010

These gifts are most definitely better than socks or chocolates

nrhatch - November 27, 2010

Hmm . . . better than chocolate?

I don’t know that anything is better than chocolate. 😉

4. Julie Hedlund - November 27, 2010

I REALLY like this idea. So much better than stuff that’s probably never going to get used or will get old after a couple of months.

nrhatch - November 27, 2010

And there are even more examples on Angela’s post. 🙂

5. Rev. Col - November 28, 2010

It won’t let me reply. 8D Anyway, I’ve done it one better and am letting the folks who matter (to quote Dr. Seuss) pick things out. I just hope no one minds if I give away all the stuff they’re given me over the years, since non-organic stuff drives me mad. lol

nrhatch - November 28, 2010

I used to feel “compelled” to hang on to every gift . . . whether I needed it, wanted it, or had any use for it.

And then . . . I read Simplify Your Life by Elaine St. James and changed the way I viewed gifts.

A true gift is given with NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

6. Angela@MyYearWithoutSpending - November 28, 2010

Nancy- Thank you so much for the lovely write up. I truly hope more people discover the pleasures of these kinds of gifts. I have enjoyed the holidays so much more since starting it. I also agree that there is no better gift than chocolate, and that true gifts are given with no strings attached. I love passing on gifts to others I know will be able to use or enjoy them, whether as a regift or a freebie.

nrhatch - November 28, 2010

For years, we’ve focused on giving “consumables” to the adults ~ gourmet cheeses, favorite foods, assorted wines, etc.

I’m also a firm believing in giving “mathoms” ~ any object for which the current owner has no useful purporse, but which others would find of value ~ as gifts.

Keeps clutter to a minimum! 🙂

Thanks for your posts. I may highlight them again during this festive season.

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