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Fanning the Flames of Fear November 17, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Life Balance, Mindfulness, People, Travel & Leisure.

220px-John_Collier_Queen_Guinevre's_MayingIs the world a MORE DANGEROUS place? Or are we just more aware of the DANGER?

Not long ago, we couldn’t safely travel from point A to point B without fear of being ambushed . . . even if all the villains wanted was the food off our grill.

Now, many of our roads and byways are safe enough for women and children to travel without armed escorts.

And flying is safer than driving.

But news reports FAN the FEAR we FEEL.


My theory:  Those in power benefit when those they govern are paralyzed by FEAR and UNCERTAINTY rather than demanding long overdue changes in the status quo.

Before the advent of TV, news traveled slowly with a focus on local events and happenings, not global disasters.  Now, our scope is broader and more immediate.

We hear and see news reports from Around the Globe rather than gossiping with neighbors over the fence about things happening Around the Corner.

Maybe the world is becoming a more dangerous place.  Or maybe the danger is just more front and center in our minds because it’s all we see on TV.

Your thoughts?

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1. Cindy - November 17, 2010

Perhaps it has always been dangerous in one way or another, but the news remained hovering over individual fences. Maybe the cyber-fence has fanned the flame?

nrhatch - November 17, 2010

I agree . . . Twitters and Tweets and Facebook and TV and blogs pull our attention in so many direction that we only get the “superficial” story.

Rather than being concerned about “our own backyard” . . . the world is now our backyard.

I read an interesting statistic the other day . . .

At the current level of child abductions, if a parent WANTED their child to be abducted, they would have to leave that child UNATTENDED outside for 275,000 years.

Kids are kidnapped. But if you take the number of kids, divided by the number of kidnappings, the result is apparently a rather small number.

Yet how many parents are afraid to let their children play outside?

2. Loreen Lee - November 17, 2010

There are fears of external natural happenings, even a fire within the house. Then there are internal fears. I firmly believe that if you pay attention to conquering the latter, that there are fewer occasions when you will be fearful of ‘external circumstance’. You might, for instance,find it easier to remember to turn off the stove.

nrhatch - November 17, 2010

Good point.

When we conquer the fear within, by remaining mindful of our thoughts as they arise, we are more able to place the uncertainty of life in perspective.

3. souldipper - November 17, 2010

We manifest what we think and believe. The media is capable of pounding negative thoughts into daily living. But it is given that power by us.

nrhatch - November 17, 2010

On the one hand, I agree with you. Much of our reality is of our own making.

On the other hand, I wonder how an infant would manifest child abuse or a brain tumor into his or her life?

4. Booksphotographsandartwork - November 17, 2010

As a person with many fears I have thought about this a lot lately. I think it really is about even. As I watched a plane fly over the other day I thought about all the safety statistics I hear all the time. Then I thought they sure don’t matter to the people whose plane crashed. I have no idea where I was going with these thoughts.

The part about if a parent actually wanting their kid to get kidnapped is sort of funny. I was always terrified of that. Still am. As a parent seeing thinks like that every day on the internet and the TV really does make it seem larger than life.

nrhatch - November 17, 2010

We can blow our fears out of proportion and paralyze ourselves in the process.

Taking reasonable precautions makes sense.

Always expecting the worst probably inhibits our enjoyment of life.

5. Booksphotographsandartwork - November 17, 2010

I think the manifesting things only applies to situations such as a woman marrying someone whom she knows is abusive. Or Driving through an area known to be dangerous with almost no gas or bad tires. Just examples. People get sick whether they like it or not. Healthy people get cancer or have heart attacks. Sometimes people who smoke all their lives live to be a healthy 100. Things just happen.

nrhatch - November 17, 2010

I’m on the fence. It does seem like some things just happen, but . . .

When we dwell on the negatives, we may be attracting more negatives into our life. And when we expect the best, we may improve our odds of getting what we want.

I’m not really sure that from our perspective we see all the machinations involved.

That said, even if it doesn’t change anything else, staying positive makes me enjoy what I have just a bit more.

6. Greg Camp - November 18, 2010

The problem here is that most people aren’t good at assessing risk. The bad event that we know about feels more likely than the many that are merely possible, but not happening in front of us (or on our screens).

I do prefer to know what’s going on, but at the same time, I recognize that my individual risk of experiencing the disaster is low. With that in mind, I take appropriate precautions and then live my life. I wear my seat belt, but I do drive (and not always within the speed limit!).

nrhatch - November 18, 2010

Like you, I take reasonable precautions while still doing what I want to do.

* I don’t use a hair dryer in the bathtub
* I don’t drink anti-freeze, no matter how pleasant its appearance
* I never spit (or spat) into the wind 😉

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