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WARNING: Graphic & Juvenile Humor November 17, 2010

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In college, one of my roommates told me a ridiculous joke.   It made me laugh.   It still makes me laugh.

So, now, I’m going to share it with you.

But I warn you . . . it’s both graphic and juvenile.

Q:  Why does shit come out tapered at the end?


A:  To keep your ass from slamming shut.

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Fun with Numbers: e-Books November 17, 2010

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150px-Carlo_Crivelli_052I just read an illuminating article comparing the author royalties from e-books with those the author receives from traditional print publications.

Assuming the figures used are correct, e-books are something to consider.

With traditional publication, you have to land an agent in order to find a publisher.  If successful:

The agent earns 15% of the author’s royalties; royalties are most often around 8% of a paperback cover price.

So, on a $7.99 paperback book, the author earns 64 cents from which he hands over 10 cents to the agent, which leaves the originator of the book with 54 cents.

Now, enter the world of digital publication:

For now, if the author meets some easy-to-meet conditions, she uploads her manuscript at no cost to herself and reaps 70% of the cover price with Kindle, 65% with Barnes and Noble. (70% applies to books priced from $.99 to $9.99 at Kindle.  A $10.99 book earns 35% royalty.)

If the price, which the author sets herself, is $7.99, the royalty payment is a whopping $5.19. Wow.

In other words, you’d have to sell 10 traditionally published books @ $7.99 to earn $5.40 in royalties vs. selling a single e-book at $7.99 to earn $5.19.


But what about the number of sales?

Unless you land on the NY Times Bestseller List, there’s a good chance that your sales volumes via e-books will be comparable to the number you would sell through traditional print publication ~ especially now that that market is shrinking.

And, even if you sell fewer books, you may earn more in royalties:

If your $7.99 paperback sells 30,000 copies,  at 8% royalty, you’ll earn $16,299, after paying your agent’s commission.

If your $2.99 e-book sells only 10,000 copies, at Kindle’s 70%, you’ll earn $20,930.


To read the full article:  Sayonara, Auf Wiedersehn, Au Revoir, and Goodbye to Paperbacks

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Fanning the Flames of Fear November 17, 2010

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220px-John_Collier_Queen_Guinevre's_MayingIs the world a MORE DANGEROUS place? Or are we just more aware of the DANGER?

Not long ago, we couldn’t safely travel from point A to point B without fear of being ambushed . . . even if all the villains wanted was the food off our grill.

Now, many of our roads and byways are safe enough for women and children to travel without armed escorts.

And flying is safer than driving.

But news reports FAN the FEAR we FEEL.


My theory:  Those in power benefit when those they govern are paralyzed by FEAR and UNCERTAINTY rather than demanding long overdue changes in the status quo.

Before the advent of TV, news traveled slowly with a focus on local events and happenings, not global disasters.  Now, our scope is broader and more immediate.

We hear and see news reports from Around the Globe rather than gossiping with neighbors over the fence about things happening Around the Corner.

Maybe the world is becoming a more dangerous place.  Or maybe the danger is just more front and center in our minds because it’s all we see on TV.

Your thoughts?

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Cheap Entertainment November 17, 2010

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“No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting.”

~ Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

What books have stayed with you . . . long after you turned the last page?