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FUN For Less Than $10 November 3, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Humor, Travel & Leisure.

Dollar-BillsRecently, I read an article about 5 Great Places to Live in the United States.

In addition to sharing information on the Population, Median Housing Price, Average Commute, Vibe, and Average Number of Sunny Days in each location, the article gave examples of “Simple Fun for less than $10.”

Either the author has a one-track mind . . . or feels that Americans do:

Tuscon, Arizona . . . drinking a beer at the Hotel Congress (where John Dillinger was nabbed back in 1934)
Greenville, South Carolina . . . grabbing a cup of coffee or an ice-cream cone at Spill the Beans
Montpelier, Vermont . . . sampling a pastry at La Brioche Bakery & Cafe
Logan, Utah . . . heading to the Caffe Ibis, a tiny roasting house, and savoring a custom-blended coffee
Ames, Iowa . . . touring Riemen Gardens (award winning roses) at Iowa State University

As indicated, in four of the five locations, the author only listed food or drink options under “Simple Fun for less than $10.”

No wonder Americans are so fat!  We equate fun with food.


In defense of the article, and Americans, the author did NOT mention eating or drinking in the section entitled, “Most Relaxing Way to Spend an Afternoon.”

Nevertheless, the author seems to have a rather one-track mind when it comes to relaxation ~ the venues change, but the activities have a certain sameness to them:

Tuscon, Arizona . . . enjoying cool breezes and plentiful hiking in the Santa Catalina Mountains, just north of town
Greenville, South Carolina . . . hiking the pristine mountain woodlands of Jones Gap State Park, just 24 miles outside Greenville
Montpelier, Vermont . . . world class skiing less than an hour away, at Stowe
Logan, Utah . . . wandering among the wildflowers on Riverside Trail in the Logan Valley
Ames, Iowa . . . paddling a canoe in Ada Hayden Heritage Park

Where’s the diversity?

Have we become so homogenized that our opportunities for relaxation and simple fun don’t vary . . . no matter how far we roam?


One thing that does vary?

The number of sunny days per year:  Montpelier (157) * Ames (202) * Logan (219) * Greenville (220) * Tuscon (286)


1. Cindy - November 3, 2010

And no wine anywhere *pout*

(I have a Thanksgiving post of yours in my inbox, but when I click through it’s not here?)

nrhatch - November 3, 2010

No wine, no walks on the beach, no museums, no art, no music, no plays, no libraries, no spectator sports, no games, no . . .

The Thanksgiving post was misbehaving . . . and had to be deleted. I reposted it as “QUIZ: Think You’re Thankful?”

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