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Irony and Me . . . October 29, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Mindfulness, Word Play.
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As Jodi noted recently in Isn’t It Ironic?,  speakers and writers may use  verbal irony to express the opposite of what they really mean. 

Once, when expected support failed to materialize, I sent an e-mail along the following lines to a relatively large group: 

How can I thank you all?  Truth is, I can’t.  Your support this week has truly humbled me.

Those recipients who provided the requested support received a heart-felt compliment.  

The rest of the lot received a veiled insult disguised as a compliment. 

What?  I told you all I’m still a work in progress.  😉

Most often, irony in my life appears as an incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the expected result.   

Congestion caused by a road accident, Algarve,...

Want some toast with that jam?

* If I leave early,  traffic is light,  one green light after another in sight. 

If I’m running late . . . would you like some toast with that jam? 

* When I’m wearing a panti-liner “just in case,” nothing happens.  Things remain dry no matter how hard I sneeze or laugh.  

In contrast, if I sneeze or laugh without a panti-liner . . . waterworks.

* If I’m multi-tasking while watching TV, the commercials never last long enough to finish what I’ve started. 

If I’m watching TV with “nowhere to go and nothing to do” during the commercials . . . 

They . . . Are . . . Interminable!

* If we go sightseeing and pack a lunch, we see one eatery after another offering yummy vegetarian options.  If we don’t bring snacks to nibble on, all we see are burger joints and steakhouses.

* When I’m all caught up in my office, and bedtime rolls around, I’m not tired.  When I have a mile-long “To Do” list, I can’t stop yawning. 

How about you?

What wrinkles does irony throw into the laundry basket of your life?