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Which Witch Ate Eight Nome Gnomes??? October 26, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Word Play.
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200px-First_crosswordThe English language includes an eclectic mix of ingredients thrown into the pot to create a relatively tasty melange which only occasionally gives us heartburn.

Rather than allowing too many cooks to spoil the broth, let’s have some Fun with Words!

Specifically, let’s focus on Homophones, Homographs, and Homonyms.

According to my M-W Dictionary:

A.  Homonyms (which can include both homographs and homophones) are words spelled and pronounced alike, but with different meanings:

After playing a game of pool, we jumped into the pool for a swim.

B.  Homophones are words pronounced the same but with different meanings and/or spelling:

Which witch ate eight Nome gnomes??? 

C.  Homographs are words spelled alike but different in origin, meaning, or pronunciation:

He shot his bow and arrow over the bow of the ship.

Want to play???

To enter the Which Witch Contest and win bragging rights . . .

1.  Create a sentence of any length using homonyms, homophones, or homographs.

2.  Score your creation: 

* Add 5 points for every homonym, homograph, or homophone used.

* Subtract 3 points for every word in the sentence which is not a homonym, homograph, or homophone.

* Add 20 bonus points if your entire sentence consists of homophones,  homographs, and homonyms.

3.  Enter as many sentences as you wish, posting each sentence as a new comment.  See my example below. 

That’s it.

We’ll tally up scores and assign bragging rights to the winners (First, Second, and Third place) soon . . .

In the meantime, have Fun With Words!

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X’s Very Public Pity Party October 26, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Life Balance, People, Spirit & Ego.
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When I’m in a bad mood, I tend to keep my troubles to myself rather than broadcasting them about.

If I need to “vent,” I do so privately . . . using my BFF as a sounding board.

If I share “negative news” in my life with others, it’s because I’m in actual need of suggestions or feedback.

Contrast that with the following hypothetical situation:

X is having a bad day and claims in a public forum that s/he is depressed.  Life seems not worth living.

Y comes along and tries to cheer X up . . . offering words of encouragement.   Alas!  Y’s efforts are to no avail.

X insists that no one can alleviate her/his suffering.

Z comes along and offers more words of encouragement.  X remains resolute that NOTHING will cheer her/him up.

A, B, and C wander around and offer advice, tips, and techniques to assist X to recover his/her equilibrium.  Sadly, X rejects the advice and continues on her/his miserable way.

Get the picture?

Instead of suffering in silence, or actually applying the tendered advice, X is drawing all kinds of time, attention, and energy from others . . . while flinging it back in their faces.

Hmm . . .

Maybe X is not looking for a solution to the problem?  Maybe X just wants to get people to focus on her/his misery?

220px-Congrats_bqtYay!  X is throwing a Very Public Pity Party for him/herself and we are ALL invited! 

“Let’s play Pin The Tail On The Eeyore!”

Just remember . . . it wasn’t much of a tail anyway.

In the middle of X’s Very Public Pity Party, D commiserates with X by saying, “You are so courageous for sharing your pain with us.”


Question of the Day from SLTW:

Do you agree with D?  Is it courage?

Or is it something else entirely?

And, if it is courage . . . does that make me a coward for not whining and moaning about my wheelbarrow of woes on a more regular basis?

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