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Mix & Match Meals: A Mish Mash Of Ideas October 25, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Vegetarian Recipes.

My favorite way to prepare meals involves creating something new out of the odds and ends that need to be consumed.

Today’s lunch . . . a perfect example of what I mean.

I made something similar to Pimento Cheese (using several we-need-to-be-eaten ingredients), then spread it liberally on toasted Rosemary Garlic Bread.


Tomato Cheese Spread

2 oz. Horseradish Cheddar Cheese
1 small tomato, diced
1 oz. whipped cream cheese
Cracked Black Pepper
2 slices Rosemary Garlic Bread

Mix together leftover grated cheese, with a chopped tomato.

Stir in the last bit of whipped cream cheese (that’s getting tired of hanging out in the tub) to act as “glue.”

Generously crack fresh black pepper into the mix.

Spread on toasted Rosemary Garlic Bread (left over from last night’s dinner).

Grab a napkin and enjoy every savory bite!


1. souldipper - October 25, 2010

Yummers. Be right over with my gluten-free crackers – but I just know I’ll be drooling over the garlic bread.

nrhatch - October 25, 2010

It would be excellent on crackers!

2. Tammy McLeod - October 25, 2010

Coming to lunch soon! Horseradish cheese is my personal favorite.

nrhatch - October 25, 2010

This is my favorite way to “cook” . . .

Look at what needs eating and figure out a way to combine them. I’ll definitely make this (or something like it) again soon.

3. Joanne - October 25, 2010

I’ve often thought about writing a culinary suggestion book, including examples of all the dishes I’ve created from “we-need-to-be-eaten” ingredients…

I’ve added water to bottles of need-to-be-emptied condiments and prepared marinades for BBQ’s for the carnivores in my life.

Plain leftover white rice makes an excellent dessert base when mixed with sweeteners and dried fruit or topped with need-to-be-scraped bottles of jelly, jams or preserves.

And as you’ve mentioned cheeses before they turn to mold — under any other name but Blue Cheese — has a range of possibilities. It’s very rare for anything in my kitchen to make it to the disposal or the trash. Leftovers…? Bring it on…!

nrhatch - October 25, 2010

Same here.

We rarely have anything get lost in the back of the fridge to die an untimely death. I use left-overs as “spring boards” to create new meals.

I’m adept at adapting recipes to work with what I have on hand, rather than running out to get some esoteric ingredient that is just going to claim valuable real estate in my kitchen.

Love your idea of calling your collection of ideas a Culinary Suggestion book.

4. Cindy - October 25, 2010

This is a sandwich fit for a king.

nrhatch - October 25, 2010

It pleased my taste buds. 🙂

5. Amy - October 26, 2010

that sounds absolutely delicious. i’m definitely going to have to try it!

nrhatch - October 26, 2010

It turned out even better than expected. 8)

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