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A Not-So-Quick Quiz: Who Are You? October 22, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Life Balance, Mindfulness.
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Reading recent blog articles and comments, and evaluating whether to “apply” for the Good Mood Blogger  position, raised a number of questions in my mind.

Here are a few, which you might wish to ponder when you have the time:

1.  Does “who you are” depend upon who you are with?  Do you act one way around your “work friends” and another around your family?

Living via Compartments (A Nightingale’s Blog)

Happiness, Harmony, and Integrity (SLTW)

Impressionism & Abstract Expressionism (SLTW)

2.  Do you control your thoughts . . . or do they control you?  Are you a worry wart, or do you tend to roll with the punches and go with the flow?

Confessions of a Worry Wart (Footprints in the Sand)

Hang Ten:  Riding the Waves of Dismay (SLTW)

How To Be Happy NOW (SLTW)

3.  Do you make time for your priorities, or allow others to dictate how you spend your “free” time?  Do you look to others for recommendations on what to read, write, be, say, or do?  Or do you look within for guidance?

5 Books you MUST Read Before You Die (Courage to Create)

Navigating Around Unsolicited Advice (SLTW)

What Is In You . . . Let It Out (SLTW)

4.  Have you ever acted solely to destroy the happiness of others by spreading viruses or engaging in acts of vandalism?  If so, why?  What did you get from the experience?

I *Hate* Viruses! (Intergalactic Writers, Inc.)

Don’t Bring Me Down (SLTW)

5.  How often do you make sharing your joy and passion in life a priority?

The Harmonica Man (Reflections From A Cloudy Mirror)

Spread Joy (SLTW)

6.  When someone criticizes a group to which you belong (e.g., people who play guitars), do you tend to take the comment personally or shrug it off?

Woodstock-&-SnoopyImportant Conversations That Could Change The World (Arriving at your own door)

Toughen Up! (SLTW)

We Are Not The Labels We Wear (SLTW)

7.  How much time do you spend “defending” your reputation with others?  How focused are you on the “labels” you choose to wear . . . or that others choose to apply to you?

Limiting Ourselves With Labels (Arriving at your own door)

Suicide For All The Wrong Reasons (SLTW)

8.  Do you view yourself as “religious,” “spiritual,” or neither?  Do you enjoy talking to others about your beliefs?  Do you enjoy listening to differing viewpoints on religion, spirituality, and philosophy when shared by others?

A Golden Ticket To Heaven? (SLTW)

 Why I Speak of Spirit, Not God (SLTW)

God Is Not A Christian, Jew, or Moslem (SLTW)

9.  When are you at your happiest?  Alone?  Or around others?  Are you introverted?  Extroverted?  Or a mix?

Introverted vs. Extroverted (Maggie’s Writing Blog)

I’m A (Karma) Chameleon (SLTW)

10.  How often are what you do, what you say, and what you think in harmony?

Happiness, Harmony, and Integrity (SLTW)

11.  Do you tend to compare yourself with others or with your previous self?

The Problem with Most Self Help Articles (Minimalist Lifestyle)

A Minuet In Time (SLTW)

12.  How do you feel about our current obsession with beauty?

But she’s pretty! (Intergalatic Writers, Inc.)

137 Steps to Flawless Perfection (SLTW)

Simplify Your Life (SLTW)

13.  If you could be anyone . . . who would you be?  And why?  How often do you find yourself thinking, Who I am is who I want to be?

5 Steps To A Happier You (SLTW)

The Inner Path to Peace (SLTW)

Who we are now is a product of what we once wanted.  Who we are is the result of choices we’ve made.

That is true whether our choices flow from deliberate, conscious evaluation of options and possibilities, or from mindlessly following the preferences of others.