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H2O October 15, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Health & Wellness, Nature, Sustainable Living.

Today, Blog Action Day, we turn our attention to WATER:

Water responds to negative and positive stimuli: 

Hidden Messages in Water

If thoughts can do that to water . . . imagine what our thoughts can do to us.

Water is worth savoring and saving:

Living Green Tip ~ Be Water Wise

* Fill her up ~ operate washing machines and dish washer with full loads

Use water resources wisely and efficiently ~ visit Water Matters or call your county extension office to get more information on conserving H2O.

Water replenishes and nourishes all living things: 

A Walk in the Waves

Wandering the beach
Counting polished grains of sand
Calms me to the core

Delight filled dolphins
Dive beneath the currents and
Leap high o’er the waves

Colors swirl and mix
In tropical tones and hues
As the pier appears

One way to conserve the “blue planet” is to plant green:

Greenscaping with Native Plants

* Native plants require less maintenance because they are suited to the climate, soil, and average annual rainfall in your region.

Save blue . . . greenscape your yard!

If you’re wandering around the blogosphere today, consider joining thousands of voices splashing about in the wonderful world of water.

Visit Blog Action Day 2010: WATER

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1. elenasc - October 15, 2010

Thanks for this post!
Please read and share my post about Water’s footprint in Fashion http://wp.me/pXsUB-oi
You can make the difference!

nrhatch - October 15, 2010

Your post is AWESOME!

Thanks for opening eyes everywhere.

2. souldipper - October 15, 2010

Good one, Nancy! Yahoo…may we make a difference.

nrhatch - October 15, 2010

I remain steadfast in my appreciation of water, especially clean water.

May the well never run dry.

3. cindy - October 16, 2010

Well done for posting this!

nrhatch - October 16, 2010

No water. No us.

4. Naomi - October 17, 2010

Delightfully done, Nancy 🙂 I love your concept of ‘green for blue’. Thanks a ton for including a link to my post too!

nrhatch - October 17, 2010

Go green for blue!
Woo Hoo! 🙂

5. Julie - October 17, 2010

I like the slogan, “Go Green for Blue.” Great post!

nrhatch - October 17, 2010

I love this Blue Planet and hope that one day we will place our concern for it ABOVE the desire for profit.

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