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Go Tribe! Hark Upon The Gale! October 13, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in People, Travel & Leisure.

My 30 year college reunion is next week.

Thirty years!  Thirty years since I graduated with a sub par G.P.A. from The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Wikipedia ~ The College of William & Mary, Wren Building (in Public Domain)

Thirty years since I first questioned what to do with the “rest of my life.”

Thirty years since my roommates, lodgemates, and the Class of 1980:

* Lived in dorms (and senior lodges) without the benefit of air conditioning, cable, or computers.

* Typed Philosophy and Econ papers at midnight (or later) on portable typewriters, correcting typos with the liberal application of White Out.

170px-At&tPhone* Rushed to receive incoming calls from a pay phone shared by everyone on the hall ~ long distance calls required brisk jogs to ensure the caller did not hang up before we picked up.

* Skipped class to toss a frisbee or play the guitar in the Sunken Gardens on a gorgeous Fall or Spring day.

* Borrowed trays from the Caf to use as impromptu sleds during unexpected  snowstorms in early December.

* Attended Sorority Pledge Dances and Frat Parties (with bottomless kegs).

* Enjoyed extended “study breaks” while listening to local bands at Rainbow’s End or the Hoi Polloi (the campus pub).

* Made midnight runs to Paul’s, the College Delly, or the Dirty Deli to ingest a Hot Holly, Chandler, Jefferson, or Cheeseburger Sub.

* Chowed down on spanakopita, tiropita, dolmades, and baklava at the Green Leafe.

* Wandered across Crim Dell, holding hands with the “beau of the day,” while hoping for a memorable kiss on the most romantic bridge in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Wikipedia ~ Crim Dell Bridge (in Public Domain)

* Crammed for exams, stuffing ourselves full of esoteric knowledge which clogged the arterial passageways in our brains until regurgitated the next day.

* Lined up at William and Mary Hall for tickets to see (and hear!) the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Starship, Eric Clapton, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Boz Scaggs, Little Feat, Neil Young, Muddy Waters, Little River Band, Bob Seger, Jackson Brown, Starcastle, Firefall, Boston, and other bands of the day.

* Wandered around throngs of  tourists on DOG Street (Duke of Gloucester Street) in Colonial Williamsburg ~ popping into the King’s Arm Tavern (for a Mint Julep or Peanut Soup), watching horse drawn carriages, or joining the Gambols celebration at Chownings Tavern  (for pub games, colonial music, and  Bubbles and Squeak).

* Visited Merchant’s Way to browse at the Peanut Shoppe, Shirley Pewter, the Band Box, the Cheese Shop, or Partlett Plaques.

* Waited for the Flat Hat to hit the stands to marvel at the side-splitting  editorial cartoons created by Mike Jenkins, and the brilliant reporting by his sister (and my roommate!) Pam Jenkins Partain.

* Attended football games, soccer matches, and swim meets while cheering for the Home Team:

Go Tribe!  Hark Upon The Gale!

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1. cindy - October 13, 2010

You’re going to have a blast, can’t wait to read all about it.

nrhatch - October 13, 2010

At this point, we’re probably not going ~ I’d have to put on shoes. 8)

When we lived in MD, Wmsburg was a short 3 hour drive from us. We visited frequently. Now, it’s about 10 hours further.

But I enjoyed the walk down memory lane almost as a stroll down DOG street.

loreen lee - October 13, 2010

I visited William and Mary, as an Understudy with the Canadian Players, where we performed Twelfth Night, and Arms and the Man for them in 1961. I had a walk-on part in both productions, but was basically in charge of wardrobe. I have however, decided not to use my life, as the substance for critique into the norms of poeticinteraction between people. I think it would subject me to too much personal criticism. When I have thought of another way I can approach this philosophy, in a situated way, I will think about doing it again. But I don’t want to copycat the reality shows, and use other people, besides myself, as ‘fodder for the cannon’….. The best.

nrhatch - October 13, 2010

LL ~ I fully concur with your decision not to be a copy cat (especially of the Reality Shows which are seldom based on reality at all).

Good luck with your writing and your continued journey through life!

BTW: Nice to see a face to go with the name. 😉

2. souldipper - October 14, 2010

And did you pass through a wrinkle in time, Nancy, when you wrote this journey? There are times when I have to pull myself out of my writing like a squirrel caught by its tail.

I’ve indulged in only one reunion. It was a treat, because it covered 10 years of classes (rural setting) so it included my sisters. We laughed ourselves silly.

nrhatch - October 14, 2010

I’ve been back to W&M for quite a few college reunions. Mostly because we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE walking around CW (Colonial Wmsburg).

Never went back for a HS reunion, even when we lived a stone’s throw away. Also, have never been back to law school for a reunion (or for anything).

3. Tammy McLeod - October 14, 2010

I know you’ll have a wonderful time. I’m going to Penn in May for my 20 year from grad school. It’s fun to reconnect although I find that I usually end up taking a deep dive with a few old friends rather than meeting the masses.

nrhatch - October 14, 2010

My nearest and dearest friends from W&M probably aren’t going.

I’m still “toying” with the idea of going, but probably won’t ~ long way to travel to reconnect with folks I haven’t seen in 30 years.

But I enjoyed my stroll down DOG street.

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