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Quick Quiz: STRESS September 27, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Exercise & Fitness, Health & Wellness.
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Stress is a part of life. Good stress (a promotion, new job, going on a date, trying a new sport) motivates us to grow, change, and evolve.

Bad stress, lingering unease which leads to dis-ease, can cause us to burn out and curl up into a ball of wadded up, stressed out, mess.

Here’s a quick quiz to help you understand and learn to deal more effectively with the stress in your life.

1. Stress produces physical symptoms, including:

a. aches and pains
b. headaches and migraines
c. back and neck pain
d. stomach aches
e. frequent or lingering illness and fatigue
f. all of the above

2.  The mental symptoms of stress may include:

a. irritability and crankiness
b. lack of interest in things you generally enjoy
c. isolation
d. nervousness
e. change in eating habits
f. disrupted sleep
g. sadness and depression
h. all of the above

3. Panic attacks caused by stress may include:

a. hot and cold flashes
b. feeling weighted down with a brick on your chest
c. dizziness and fainting
d. nausea
e. nervousness
f. all of the above

4. We can combat stress and stay mentally healthy by:

a. getting plenty of sleep
b. exercising daily
c. helping others
d. expressing gratitude and appreciation
e. meditating
f. listening to music
g. laughing
h. all of the above

If you feel stressed, uneasy, worried, hassled, frazzled, and are not able to counter-balance the signs of stress (physical or emotional) on your own, consider working with a counselor, social worker, medical profession, and/or support group.

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Answers: 1. F   2. H   3. F   4. H

Fun with Words: Ridiculosities September 27, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Poetry, Word Play, Writing & Writers.
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English is ridiculous!
I don’t care what you say
The K in Knees, unnecessary
It just gets in the way

Why do we have silent Gs
In front of Gnome and Gnu?
Superfluous both, standing round
With nothing at all to do

The silent P in Psychiatrist
Seems so melancholy and blue
If we could not pronunciate
Would we be depressed too?

And . . .

What about the extraneous W
In Wrinkles, Wry, and Wring?
How sad to be employed silently
Unable to say a thing

No wonder the P in Psychosis
Can’t tell falsehoods from true
If we had no raison d’etre
We’d be dazed and conflicted too

Perhaps Webster was WUI
When he added a G to Gnat
Writing Under the Influence would explain
Peculiar spellings like that

Same goes for words like Ptomaine
Gnarled, Gnash, Gnaw,
and Knotty
Writing While Intoxicated?  Yup
Noah must have been quite sotty

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Fun with Words: Parka, Park, Parkay September 27, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Word Play.
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Frog-CircusParka n  1 :  a thick hooded jacket used for visiting the local park in the dead of winter when the wind chill is 40 below 2 : a very warm jacket  with a hood

Not to be confused with Parkay : a rather vocal  margarine that claims to taste like butter

Parka —> Parkay