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Who Killed The Electric Car? September 25, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Sustainable Living.
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The thought-provoking documentary, Who Killed The Electric Car (2006), reveals what auto manufacturers and oil companies already know ~ clean,  green technology is available.  

Drivers who leased EV-1 electric cars in the 1990’s loved the fast, quiet, and eco-friendly cars. 

In response, General Motors ceased production, and crushed the cars. 

After California eliminated the zero emission mandate, GM terminated the existing leases, collected the EV-1 cars already on the road, and destroyed them, citing lack of consumer demand as its rationale. 

Hmm . . . that’s odd. 

People who leased the cars from GM told filmmakers they loved the EV-1, and begged to keep them.  When they offered to buy the cars, GM refused their offers, terminated the leases, and crushed the cars.

That doesn’t sound like lack of consumer demand to me.

A more plausible explanation, and one explored in the film: GM abandoned production of its electric car, the EV-1, because (1) automotive dealers make BIG money from the maintenance required on internal combustion engines, and (2) Big Oil pushed GM to bury the product. 

This film offers a sobering look at how big business bands together to put profits above the planetary concerns that should be pre-eminent in everyone’s minds. 

Aren’t these profit-hungry executives concerned about the world they’re leaving to their kids and grand-kids?

Apparently not.

Did lack of consumer demand or conspiracy to maintain the status quo stall  EV-1 production?  

You decide.   For a sneak preview:  Who Killed The Electric Car?

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The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) has a Hybrid Center set up to track consumer spending patterns.  Guess what?  The demand for electric vehicles exceeds the supply:  2011 Nissan Leaf Sold Out

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