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Kumala Vista & Tongo Tongo September 23, 2010

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Wikipedia ~ Djembe (in Public Domain)

Forty years ago, I learned three “African” songs from Billy Gibson, and his brothers, Keith and Kevin.

The words and the beat stayed with me, even though I have no idea what the lyrics mean (if they mean anything at all).

I hope I’m not cursing at the world  when I sing them.

Today, at lunch, we watched Samantha Brown on a beach in the Honduras  enjoying some African songs.  These two songs came to mind.  Enjoy!

Kumala Kumala Kumala Vista
Kumala Kumala Kumala Vista
Oh no no no no Ka-Vista
Oh no no no no Ka-Vista
Eenie meanie jak-o-lini
Oo wah-la wah-la meanie
Eenie meanie sol-a-meanie
Oo wah-la wah
Beat to the O Ko Ko Ko Ka-Vista
Bah Bah Shhh . . . Bah Bah Shhh . . .

I found this version on line (with a little help from Cindy & Linda).  It’s not exactly the way I learned it, but it’s close:

Here’s the second, which might (or might not) refer to Tongo, Ghana:

Tongo, Tongo Chim-i-nee Bah Bah-yo Chim-i-nee Bah Bah-yo
Ooh, Ah Lay Ooh, Ah Lay
Molee-kal-o-way Molee-kal-o-way

If any of my friends from Africa (or elsewhere) know what I’m singing about, feel free to translate.


Yes, my spell checker did go crazy with this post.  Thanks for asking.

Harvest Moon September 23, 2010

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Tonight’s the Harvest Moon . . . the perfect night for dancing in the Moonlight.

And in the light of Jupiter.

It’s the first full moon of Fall for those above the equator, and the first of Spring for those below.  So, kick off your shoes, grab a partner, and head outside to enjoy the Harvest Moon.

If you need some additional inspiration:

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Hidden Messages in Water September 23, 2010

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For a fascinating look into the innate intelligent of water at the molecular level (both standing alone and in plants, animals, and us!), check out Hidden Messages in Water by Masuro  Emoto.

The book delves into how the molecular structure of water changes depending upon whether we bathe it in positive or negative vibrations.

When Emoto placed an identical mixture of water and rice in identical jars, the mixtures  responded differently to soothing sounds (classical music) vs. jarring sounds (heavy metal):

Jarring sounds resulted in moldy rice.

Soothing sounds resulted in fermented rice (think Saki).

Imagine a similar process going on inside you.

How toxic are your thoughts?

Emoto also used high-speed photography to capture images of frozen water at the molecular level.

During his six-year study, he observed changes in the molecular structure which depended upon the messages sent to the water both verbally and in written form.

Water which received positive messages of love and gratitude  transformed into gorgeous snowflake clusters.

Water which received negative messages became chaotic and fragmented.

If thoughts can do that to water . . . imagine what our thoughts can do to us.

No rules.  Just write!

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Lateral Thinking: ANSWERS September 23, 2010

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Yesterday, I posted a short quiz on Lateral Thinking (thinking outside the box).

If you haven’t seen it yet, go take a peak.  We’ll wait.

{{Whistles to kill some time}}



Wikipedia ~ Split Rock Lighthouse (in Public Domain)


1.  One person took the basket with the egg still in it.

2.  The other three card players were women.

3. Pour the juice from the second glass into the fifth:


4.  The recluse lived in a lighthouse.

Alternate solutions?

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