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Facebook Is {{GASP}} Broken September 22, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, People, Travel & Leisure.

For the past hour, I’ve been unable to access Facebook.

Not my profile page.

Not the log in page.

Not even the general info page for newbies to the Crackbook site.

{{G ~ A ~ S ~ P}}

* What if Farmville and Bejeweled Blitz no longer exist?
* What if Causes have dried up and vanished?
* What if our Photos and Scheduled Events are gone for good?

Who’s going to remind us of upcoming Birthdays???

* What if our Virtual Friends are no more?

In short, what if the 500 million people addicted to Facebook have to find something new to do with their time?

Imagine the things we could accomplish.

It’s amazing the things we find to do . . . to avoid doing amazing things.

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1. aardvarkian - September 22, 2010


nrhatch - September 22, 2010

Are you able to access your account from across the pond?

Different areas must have different servers, right?

2. Barbara Gunn - September 22, 2010

What did you do before Facebook??

nrhatch - September 22, 2010

I actually spend little time on FB this days. Mostly use it to post links to SLTW along with alluring graphics. That’s what I’m wanting to do right now. But no luck.

I also add a comment or two on friend’s posts, on occasion, but can easily revert back to e-mail.

It’s probably just a slight glitch, but what if . . .

3. aardvarkian - September 22, 2010

I’ve had untroubled access all day. Not that I’ve been here all day, mind you. I do have a life, you know.

*scarpers to Bejeweled Blitz*

nrhatch - September 22, 2010

I’m back in . . . false alarm.

Enjoy BJB!

4. Patricia - September 22, 2010

Sometimes I think I will close my facebook account and be done with it. But then I get twitchy and stuff…

nrhatch - September 22, 2010

Twitchy woman! :mrgreen:

5. nrhatch - September 22, 2010

I didn’t imagine it.

FB just posted: We’ve fixed the issue with a third-party networking provider, and anyone who was impacted should be able to access Facebook normally.

What a relief! 8)

6. cindy - September 23, 2010

hehehe … we were fine.
But you do realise that it WILL happen someday, don’t you? There will be an Uber Hacker and he/she will break it all; Facebook, the blogs, everything …

nrhatch - September 23, 2010

I expect you’re right.

That reminds me . . . time to back up SLTW.

7. Carole - September 23, 2010

I found this blog on a friend’s Facebook page, and its updates on FB are important to me. I wonder, are most of your blog followers WRITERS? I am not, unless you count letter-writing, which I will not give up even though my friends/relatives never write back. To me, writing is thinking, and what I write keeps my thinking ability alive.

nrhatch - September 23, 2010

Thanks, Carole. As long as FB works, I’ll keep posting links to articles on it.

Even people who don’t regularly read SLTW enjoy certain topics.

As far as whether “most” of my followers are WRITERS, I’m not sure.

I would say that most of the regular commentators on SLTW are writers who have their own blogs. But I also have a number of readers and subscribers who stop by regularly without commenting.

And I appreciate them ALL! 8)

Thanks again!

8. booksphotographsandartwork - September 24, 2010

I know quite a few people who probably had a major meltdown over that. Amazing the things people enjoy. Or should I say over enjoy?

nrhatch - September 24, 2010

I expect you’re right.

It did the same thing yesterday afternoon, so the glitch isn’t fixed yet.

9. CMSmith - July 2, 2013

I try not to get too hooked into Facebook. I wander through occasionally. Not much new going on most of the time.

nrhatch - July 2, 2013

I visit a couple times a week to see what my 10 nieces and nephews are up to. And I pop around to see a few other friends.

When I first joined, I spent far more time trying to keep up with “everyone” . . . that got old fast.

CMSmith - July 2, 2013

Yes. I like to keep tabs on my kids, sister, and a few other relatives and friends.

nrhatch - July 2, 2013

None of the folks I follow are very active on FB . . . so a quick “pop in” is generally plenty of time to see what’s what.

10. Grannymar - July 2, 2013

It was in action here today, but I dip in and out to keep in touch with family and friends. It could become so addictive, if you let it.

nrhatch - July 2, 2013

I played Bejeweled Blitz when I first joined . . . very addictive game because there is random luck involved in getting top scores. It’s like playing slot machines in Vegas:

“one more . . . ok, one more . . . this is it . . . last one.” :mrgreen:

11. Tina Williamson - July 2, 2013

Love this post! I agree imagine the amazing things we could be doing if not controlled by our silly addiction.

nrhatch - July 2, 2013

Thanks, Tina. We do distract ourselves, don’t we? 😛

I still find plenty of things to waste time on . . . but playing BJB and wandering aimlessly on FB are no longer in the cards.

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