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Give Us This Day . . . Our Name In Lights September 17, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Blogging, Fiction, Word Play, Writing & Writers.

“That’s it.  I’m done,” Sam said in a pleased tone.

“Done?” Sue asked.  “With what?”

“My blog.”  With one last glance at the words ~ his words ~ Sam flicked his long brown bangs out of his eyes, and pressed SEND.

Sue stared at him, “You wrote a blog?”

“I wrote a guest blog.”


“Why not?  Blogs are in these days.  Plus, I want to see my name in lights.”

“You do?”

“Sure.  Fame is good.”

“I see,” Sue said, doubt in her voice.  “Did you send it in yet?”

“I did.  Just now.”   Sam laughed an odd laugh,  “It’s good.  At least, I think it is.  You want to read it?”

Sue shook her head, “Not now.  Let me read it on the world wide web!”

“Cool,” Sam said with a nod.  “Sounds like a plan.”

With a small smirk on his thin lips, he turned back to the screen to type his next guest blog post.

* * * * *

“At last!”  Sam cried out, as his screen blinked at him.

On the couch, Sue looked up from the book in her lap, “At last, what?”

“My guest blog.  I heard back from her . . . at last!”

Sue frowned, “What do you mean, at last?  I thought you just sent it in.”

“Well, I did.  But, it still seemed like a long time to wait.”

“So?  How does it look?”  Sue asked, as she placed her book face down on the couch, “Should I come and read it now?”

Sam held up his hand to stop her, “No.  There’s no need.”

“No need?  Why not?”  Then, she saw the pained look on Sam’s face, and said in a soft tone, “Did she print your guest blog?”

Sam shook his head from side to side, “No.  She wrote me a note.”

“Oh,” Sue said, then paused, “Well, what did she say?”

“Not much.”

“Come on.  Tell me.  What did she say?”

With a loud sigh, Sam stared at the words on his screen, then spoke in clipped tones, “She said, and I quote:  Don’t quit your day job.”

Shocked, Sue flipped the bird at the screen, “What a bitch!

Sam shrugged, “Well, it is her blog.”

“Right,” Sue reached for her book.  “You’ll have to set up your own blog.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Why not?  If at first you don’t . . . ”

Cats-eyes“Don’t give me that shit, Sue.  You know I can’t write ~ nouns, verbs, they’re all just a bunch of words to me.”

Then, with a quick flick of his wrist, he let her words fade to black.

* * * * *

Inspiration:  Last February, WEbook held a One Syllable Writing Challenge,  with these guidelines:

For this challenge, the only words available to your fingertips are those mono-syllable simpletons that make the English language great. Write a short scene (max 500 words) involving a minimum of two characters and at least one line of dialogue. 

Everything else is up to you.  Be creative.  The best entries are those that seem liberated by the single syllable, rather than restricted by it.

Intrigued?  Ready to give it a go?


1. Paula - September 17, 2010

Sorry I missed that one. . .whoops! A shame I missed that one! I might give it a try, just for fun! 😀

nrhatch - September 17, 2010

Serious FUN!

I may do it again . . . just for the FUN of it!

2. thysleroux - September 17, 2010

Fame won’t work for me, I’m 100% non photogenic. Mmm.., I could try radio!

nrhatch - September 17, 2010

Maybe you could appear in costume as Micro Wave!!!

Love your cartoons.

3. Agatha82 - September 17, 2010

Clever…it would hurt my head to try to do this but you did a great job 🙂

nrhatch - September 17, 2010

I wrote it quickly, then went back and got rid of a few multi-syllable words that had crept into the story.

Probably says something about my simple mindedness. 😉

4. tsuchigari - September 18, 2010

Terrific fun, what a great idea as well – I’ll have to give it a go one of my next free moments. You should submit this somewhere, just for the heck of it.

nrhatch - September 18, 2010

Thanks, Jo!

Not sure about this one, but I did enter Round Five of the NPR challenge. Thanks again for the heads up.

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