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Fun with Words: Masquerade September 11, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Books & Movies, Word Play.

What an intriguing concept for a book launch . . .

A treasure hunt in Britain for a  Golden Hare fashioned by the author, an artist, from 18k gold, and valued at 5,000 pounds in 1979!

Worldwide, Masquerade (the book containing clues to the treasure’s secret location) sold over 1.5 million copies ~ well over the initial publication run of 60,000.

And, now, the book is enjoying a resurgence of popularity (even though the buried treasure has long since been found).

The treasure hunter (who claimed to have found the hare with the help of his dog)  actually relied on pillow talk to unearth the buried treasure!

For more details on the scandal surrounding the Golden Hair:  Masquerade.

For those of you who enjoy Anagrams, try your hand with the author’s name, KIT WILLIAMS  (answer below).

And, now, here is the video which aired shortly after the buried treasure was found  under the shadow of a cross thrown by one of the main characters in the book ~ the midday Sun:


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1. Agatha82 - September 11, 2010

Interesting. Never heard of Masquerade. The only Masquerade I know of, was this vampire game people got into. Figures…me and vamps 😉

nrhatch - September 11, 2010

And it all took place in “your backyard,” with people digging up public spaces in the dead of night . . .

With vampires watching.

Agatha82 - September 11, 2010

Yeah…they’re always watching. They’re curious you know 😉 What a cool thing though. It must have been fun to go digging.

nrhatch - September 11, 2010

It’s funny.

I don’t remember ever hearing about this book (or the buried treasure) before this week, but that Golden Hare looks so familiar . . .

As if I’ve seen it in my dreams.

2. cindy - September 11, 2010

My word, what a meaty print run!

nrhatch - September 11, 2010

They printed 60K.
The day of its release . . . another 50K.
A few days later . . . another 50K.

What a heady feeling that must have been for a previously unpublished author.

3. Nancy - September 11, 2010

This is great! I think these two guys are geniuses. Gotta Google Kit and see what he’s up to after all these years.

nrhatch - September 11, 2010

From what I read, he’s been a recluse for a number of years, and recently reunited with the Golden Hare.

4. Agatha82 - September 11, 2010

Just read the entire thing on Wiki. Fascinating stuff 🙂

nrhatch - September 11, 2010

Isn’t it?

Clever idea to sell books . . . like Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket.

5. souldipper - September 11, 2010

Thanks, Nancy, I’d not heard a whisper about this. Bet if you’d heard about it, you would have found the rabbit. I can see that appealing to you.

nrhatch - September 11, 2010

I would have tried. ; )

It took 2 1/2 years for someone to find it and, even then, it was a bit of “insider trading” combined with luck . . . a dog that needed to go for a walk near the cross.

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