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Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? September 5, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, People.

Frog-CircusAnna Maria Island and its neighboring island, Longboat Key, are fairly quiet communities, not known for being a hotbed of criminal activity.

Given the limited number and nature of crimes, the local weekly newspapers report arrests and investigations in Cops Corner(The Longboat Observer) and Beach Beat(The Anna Maria Island Sun).

One recent article in Cops Corner caught my eye.  On July 31st, at 7:12 pm, police responded to a Disturbance (Off the Key):

Police told several people to stop jumping off the south end of Longboat Pass Bridge.  They were told to turn their radio down and that it was illegal to drink beer on the island.

As police started to walk away, one young man wearing a thong and holding a beer came out from under the bridge and started to gyrate his hips, telling police to come and get him.  Police called for the police boat and the man was arrested after he started to incite the crowd by his drunken behavior. 

The man, who threatened to have his father get the officer who arrested him fired, later apologized for his actions, blaming the incident on too much Schnapps and vodka. 

Dancing Fool, The Longboat Observer, August 12, 2010, p. 10  (emphasis added).

Wikipedia ~ Tequila (in Public Domain)

Warning:  consumption of  alcoholic beverages (such as vodka, Schnapps, and beer) may encourage public dancing,  gyrations, and/or lewd displays in front of the police, leading to arrest. 

If you’re drinking in public illegally, wearing nothing but a thong, while taunting police officers by gyrating your hips, you’ve got to ask yourself one question:

Do you feel lucky, punk?   Well, do ya?

* * * * *

Thong, n. :  an article of clothing that tends to disprove the notion that LESS is MORE.

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. mizzezmellymel - September 6, 2010

Craziness…I guess he wasn’t too lucky! LOL!

nrhatch - September 6, 2010

This is why thongs and alcohol do NOT mix! LOL

2. booksphotographsandartwork - September 7, 2010

Talk about a crime, a man in a thong! ick!

nrhatch - September 7, 2010

Especially while gyrating his hips . . . to taunt the police.

That is WRONG on so many levels.

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