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You Rock September 4, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, Humor, Life Balance, Mindfulness, People.

The party of the first part (hereinafter “ME!”), having received the coveted “You Rock” Award from Soul Dipper this morning, hereby bequeaths, conveys, and delivers duplicate originals of said award to the following deserving blogs and bloggers (hereinafter collectively referred to as “parties of the second part”) who shall receive all right, title, and interest to said duplicate original award, including, but not limited to, the right to post, re-post, blog, re-blog, convey, give away,  and/or obey said award.

Write on!  And Rock on!

(1) James McShane ~ Aardvarkian Tales:  Like life and its mysteries, there’s more to this mischievous Aardvark than first meets the eye.

(2) Rik Scott ~ Uphill Writing: Writing is indeed an uphill battle at times, but Rik takes it in stride, while bringing us along for the ride . . . to post #1000!

(3) Nancy Curteman ~ Global Mysteries: From modern-day San Francisco Bay to ancient Paris, NC takes us on a global quest for miracle and mystery.

(4) Jodi Milner ~ My Literary Quest: Jo realizes that writers do NOT live by bread alone ~ they need C~H~O~C~O~L~A~T~E.   (Hold the adverbs, please!)

(5)  Paula Tohline Calhoun ~ Reflections From A Cloudy Mirror: Even with one hand “tied behind her back,” Paula offers us heart-warming laughter.

(6) Tammy McLeod ~ Agrigirl’s Blog:  With wit and whimsy, Tammy gets us thinking about where we’re headed, and whether a course correction is due.

(7)  You.  Yes, you!  Stop looking over your shoulder and go look in the mirror.  You’re awesome.  Rock on!     

Before closing this official deed, document, and transfer of title, the party of the first part would like to say: 

* Congratulations to Naomi, Cin, and the other recipients of Soul Dipper’s award ceremony this morning!  Write on with your bad selves! 

Thanks Amy!  You Rock!


1. Tammy McLeod - September 4, 2010

Well isn’t this one of the nicest ways to wake up on Saturday morning! Thanks Nancy. I’m honored to be included on this list.

nrhatch - September 4, 2010

I love your blog, Tammy. Write on!

2. Paula - September 4, 2010

What a wonderful gift you have bestowed. The others are worthy mentions, and I agree wholeheartedly! I’m wondering, though: since our granddaughter hasn’t arrived yet (she’ll be overdue as of Sept. 8), how exactly, without her in my arms, am I supposed to rock? Guess it’s all the practicing I’ve been doing – working out a way to hold, rock, and caress, and all with one hand! 😀

Thank you! I shall pass it on!

nrhatch - September 4, 2010

Well, you gave me that big BEAR HUG this week. I thought I’d return the favor!

Have fun holding that new baby with one arm out of commission.

3. Paula - September 4, 2010

Just dreaming of it and imagining that sweet baby-scent, especially that spot between ear an neck, is almost as good as the real thing, I expect!(But not quite). The only thing I’ll miss is actually nursing her – that surely was the most wonderful, beautiful time of their first year, and the time I think I was most happy to be a woman! What a privilege!

But, I’m also happy for my daughter-in-love, who will be seizing that opportunity as well.

nrhatch - September 4, 2010

Here’s hoping the new bundle of joy arrives without a hitch. : )

4. Agatha82 - September 4, 2010

That’s nice, congrats Nancy 🙂

nrhatch - September 4, 2010

Thanks, Alannah.

Hope completing your MS (and sending out queries) doesn’t keep you away from your blog for too long. ; )

5. souldipper - September 4, 2010

What a hoot! You can take the girl out Law, but you can’t… Well, you just proved it, Nancy.

nrhatch - September 4, 2010

Well, after reading your post (which played up my legal background) I couldn’t resist reverting back to legalese for this post. ; )

6. aardvarkian - September 4, 2010

I rock? Thanks for letting me know, dear 😉


nrhatch - September 4, 2010

Yup. You and Allie ~ Rockers of the Best Sort.

7. tsuchigari - September 4, 2010

Woohoo! What a great way to end my day than to get a happy blog badge from a buddy. I will pass it on. Congrats to everyone on the list!

nrhatch - September 4, 2010

Go have some chocolate to celebrate! ; )

8. cindy - September 5, 2010

*wide grin* Congrats and thanks.

nrhatch - September 5, 2010

Rock on!

9. Naomi - September 5, 2010

Thanks a million for the mention, Nance, of Amy’s wonderful generosity! And your award is richly deserved, as is Cindy’s 🙂 You ladies all keep this blogosphere alive and kicking!

nrhatch - September 5, 2010

You got that right, Naomi . . .

We’re kick-boxing with WORDS! ; )

10. Point of View Discussion « My Literary Quest - September 10, 2010

[…] a totally different note, Nancy over at Spirit Lights the Way has awarded me with the blogging “You Rock” badge.  It is always a lovely treat to […]

11. Nancy - September 11, 2010

Thanks a million!

nrhatch - September 11, 2010

You’re very welcome, NC.

Global Mysteries is a wonderful addition to the blogosphere.

12. “I’ll rock you gentle, I’ll rock you slow. . .” « Reflections From a Cloudy Mirror - October 9, 2010

[…] earlier this month by passing one of her own numerous awards on to me and several others in her own blogosphere.  It is called the “You Rock!”  award, and I will admit to feeling enormously […]

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