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Cold Feet September 1, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Magick & Mystery, People.

On a cold day, a young boy, about 10-years-old, stood staring through the window of a shoe store, barefoot and shivering with cold.

A woman approached him and said, “My, but you’re in deep thought!”

“I was asking God for a pair of shoes,” the boy replied.

Looking down and seeing his bare feet, the woman took him by the hand, went into the store, and asked the clerk to get half a dozen pairs of socks for the boy.  She took the boy to the back of the store to wash and dry his feet.

When the clerk returned with the socks, she put a pair on the boy’s feet, then purchased him a pair of warm shoes.

Handing him the bag of socks, she smiled and said, “No doubt, you’ll be more comfortable now.”

The astonished child looked up and asked, “Are you God’s wife?”

Inspiration:  e-mail from unknown author


1. cindy - September 1, 2010

Such a sweet story!

nrhatch - September 1, 2010

It reminds me to keep my eyes (and ears) open for opportunities to be kind to others as I move through my day. ; )

2. Paula - September 1, 2010

And of course, in many ways, she is/was! We are all imitators of God when we fulfill the command to love one another as God loves us. She expressed that love beautifully.

Here I go again: reminds me of another story. When we were serving two small churches in Knoxville, TN, several young children, ages 4-7 were part of our congregations. During most of the year, except during the hot summer months, my husband wore a robe. One Sunday morning, Ashley had gathered the children up in front of the sanctuary to tell them a children’s sermon, which is generally some sort of easily understood object lesson. He began by asking them questions, such as “How are you all this morning?” or a question that would relate to his subject. One of the children, a young boy, was trying to get Ashley’s attention. He yanked repeatedly on Ashley’s robe, and with each yank, he kept saying to him, “God!? God!? God?! each one louder than the first. Ashley smiled, and turned his attention to him to hear his reply.

The following summer, the little boy was again part of the gathering of the children (he wasn’t there every Sunday, because he only came when his grandmother had care of him for a weekend occasionally – she always brought him, and he LOVED coming! She consistently told him that they went to church to celebrate the presence of God in our lives, to learn ways of being in service to others, grow in our faith, and sing praise to God. Since Ashley frequently lead the singing, the child figured that was who he was praising!

So, being too hot to wear his robe on this particular Sunday, Ashley just had on his dress suit (a summer weight, of course!). The little boy was totally bewildered, and when he got up to the front, he asked Ashley, rather pointedly, “Hey! Where’s God?” I’ve often wondered why so many people envision God as an old man with a white beard, wearing a long white robe.

That’s the day I figured it out! LOL!!!

nrhatch - September 1, 2010

“God created man in his own image . . . then man returned the favor.”

That’s why I prefer to speak of Spirit and the Universe, rather than a personified God. ; )

Paula - September 1, 2010

Then I reckon the boy would have yanked on Ashley’s robe and said, “Spirit?! Universe?!”
and later asked where Spirit and Universe were!” 😀

nrhatch - September 1, 2010

Perhaps. More likely he would have learned to look within for the connection:

God is the breath inside the breath. ~ Kabir

3. Naomi - September 1, 2010

What a stunning story, thanks Nancy…and oh, I love Tracy Chapman and her guitar!!

nrhatch - September 1, 2010

Isn’t she awesome?

So many astute observations on life, packaged up in ready to consume lyrics.

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