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Virtual Reality August 30, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Joke, Word Play.

Lexophiles love words, especially a good play on words (or even a bad play on words). 

Most of these puns came from e-mails I’ve saved over the years.  A few are of more recent vintage.  

Enjoy this glimpse into the world of virtual reality:

1.  What do you call a will?

That’s easy!  A dead giveaway.

2.  Why did the Buddhist refuse Novocaine at the dentist during a root canal?

He wanted to transcend dental medication.

3.  My mother warned me not to join dangerous cults.

Same here.  She told me to practice safe sects.

4.  How would you describe Atheism?

Hmm . . . it’s a non-prophet organization.

5.   What did the sign on the lawn at the drug rehab center say?

Keep off the Grass.

6.  What happened when the actress saw her first strands of gray hair?

She thought she’d dye.

7.  Why didn’t you try to catch that woman when she swooned?

Seemed to be more feint than faint.

8.  How would you characterize someone who jumps off a Paris bridge?

They’re in Seine.

9.  What happened to the dead batteries?

They were given away free of charge.

10.  How would you describe a plateau?

It’s a high form of flattery.

Stay tuned. 

More Fun with Puns tomorrow.

Can’t wait?

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1. cindy - August 30, 2010

‘safe sects’ oh! bwahahahaha!
Brilliant 🙂

nrhatch - August 30, 2010

I enjoyed doing these posts.

Safe sects made me LOL.

2. aardvarkian - August 30, 2010

U-Pun my word! These are marvellous!

nrhatch - August 30, 2010

None of these is really “my own” . . .

I just transformed one liners (from e-mails) into 2-line riddles or gave the puns a quick nip and a tuck.

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