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Crime Doesn’t Pay (Much) August 27, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Joke, Word Play.

Lexophiles love words, especially a good play on words (or even a bad play on words). 

Most of these puns came from e-mails I’ve saved over the years.  A few are of more recent vintage.  

All of these show that Crime Doesn’t Pay (Much):

1.  What happened to the thief who got stuck in wet cement?

He became a hardened criminal.

2.  Why did the day care center call the police? 

A 3-year-old was resisting a  rest. 

3.  Did you hear about the thief who stole fresh corn from the field?

He was charged with stalking.

4.  A hole has been found in the nudist camp wall. 

The police are looking into it.

5.  Why did the Algebra teacher confiscate the rubber band pistol in class?

It was a weapon of math disruption.

6.  What happened when the dog gave birth to puppies near the road?

She was cited for littering.

7.  Did you see that guy punch the psychic who was grinning from ear to ear?

Yup.  He was arrested for striking a happy medium.

8.  What happened to the thief who stole the calendar?

He got 12  months.

9.  Why did she break into song?

She couldn’t find the key.

10.  What do you call a short fortune teller who escapes from prison?

A small medium at large.

Stay tuned. 

More Fun with Puns tomorrow.

Can’t wait?

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1. Richard W Scott - August 27, 2010


nrhatch - August 27, 2010

Why “sigh,” OWO? ; )

2. cindy - August 27, 2010

bwahaha … some of these are positively groanworthy 😀

nrhatch - August 27, 2010

True dat.

3. aardvarkian - August 27, 2010

*groan* Too true dat 😀

4. tsuchigari - August 27, 2010

Yay, some I haven’t seen – love a good pun.

nrhatch - August 27, 2010

Me too.

I started with 2 (widely circulated) e-mails, did some web-searching to come up with a few more fun puns, then revised the format.

5. vivinfrance - March 22, 2011

Lovely stuff: just the job to get my grumpy OH laughing again.

nrhatch - March 22, 2011

Good! Laughter is the best medicine. 🙂

We do not laugh because we are happy . . . we are happy because we laugh.

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