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Share, Share, That’s Fair August 24, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, Word Play.

For those of you with WordPress blogs, there’s a new sharing feature available on WP which enables you (and your readers) to share your words with the world!

For information, and to watch the video:  More Ways To Share

To pick and choose which “Share Buttons” appear below your posts, go to:

Dashboard > Settings > Sharing

To monitor which Share Buttons get the most use:

Blog Stats > Blog Shares > click on the number displayed

Thanks, WordPress! 

            You rock!

Write on, bloggers . . . right on!

Hi Ho!  Hi Ho! It’s off to blog we go . . .    

* For now, my settings reveal ALL the Share Buttons available.  Once I see which  buttons get the most use, I’ll tidy up the area by hiding some of the Share Buttons behind the “+ Share” Button.

* Just posted a link to this post on Facebook using the FB Share Button and it worked beautifully . . . allowing me to scroll through the photos and choose which one to display next to the blurb ~ much nicer than having to cut and paste the link to the article directly onto my  Facebook profile.


1. cindy - August 25, 2010

Thanks, I saw the buttons on your last post and was about to write you a ‘how do I do that’ email 🙂

nrhatch - August 25, 2010

The FB share button is awesome! So much easier than cutting and pasting.

And people are using the other buttons as well. Too soon to tell if traffic will increase ~ life is already full of people “tweeting” at us to get our attention. : )

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