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Greenscaping With Native Plants August 19, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Home & Garden, Nature.

Want to GREEN  your landscape? Consider adding native plants:

* Native plants serve an important role in  local ecosystems by attracting native wildlife, including the birds and the bees.

* Native plants require less maintenance because they are suited to the climate, soil, and average annual rainfall in your region.

To learn about plants native to your area, visit National Wildlife Federation:  Attracting Wildlife With Native Plants ~ among other information, you can find the Top 10 plants for your area:

There are hundreds of plants native to the many different eco-regions of the United States, which might make it hard to know where to start when it comes to deciding what plants might work in your yard. To help, we’ve put together the top 10 common native plants by region.

Regions:  Alaska, Midwest, Northeast, Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains, Southeast, Southwest.

If you live in New England, the Mid-Atlantic, or the Midwest, check out American Beauties Native Plants:

American Beauties offers four distinct theme gardens that attract beneficial wildlife and contain plants which grow well in varying conditions:

Bird Garden: The plants in this collection provide seeds, berries, nesting places and cover for all kinds of songbirds. Plus, there are lots of plants in this collection that provide interest four seasons of the year.

ButterflyButterfly Garden: These colorful plants provide nectar and pollen spring, summer and fall for a parade of butterflies and other pollinators.

If you want flowers in a sunny location, you will be delighted with this collection of plants.

Dry Shade Garden: Dry, shady conditions are a challenge for the most accomplished gardeners. This collection of tough, drought resistant native plants thrives in those conditions while providing great cover for all kinds of woodland creatures.

Moist Sun Garden: Turn that troublesome low area with wet soil into a garden filed with colorful plants that hang tough in the hot sun. Frogs, dragonflies, birds and other critters will love the food and cover this collection provides.

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1. cindy - August 20, 2010

We’ve a big drive on here to stamp out all Alien vegetation.

nrhatch - August 20, 2010

Same here. And alien S~N~A~K~E~S (like the Burmese Pythons and Boa constrictors clogging up the Everglades).

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