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Aphorisms from Aa to Zz: Ss August 12, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Magick & Mystery, Mindfulness.


The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves. ~ Sophocles

Inner peace, calm, and clarity are seldom achieved when we look to the Ego for guidance. 

God grant me the Serenity
To accept the things I cannot change
To change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.
~ The Serenity Prayer

Master your thoughts . . . master your life.

In stillness lies truth.

The clouded mind sees nothing. 

Try spiritual practice and see for yourself. ~ The Buddha

The quieter the mind becomes . . . the more we understand.

Don’t believe everything you think! ~ Bumper Sticker

When the world recedes, we hold infinity in our grasp.


Simple pleasures are life’s treasures. ~  Adage

Simplify.  Simplify.  Simplify.

Less is More ~ The less you have, the less you have to worry about.

Meditate on the still, silent spaces in your mind.

Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. ~ Thoreau

Silence . . . the most soothing sound in the world.
Serenity . . . the most peaceful place on the planet.
Tranquility . . . always yours for the asking.
Peace . . . one breath, one thought, one step away.
Relax . . . let go . . .  just for NOW.


SMILE = See Miracles In Life Everyday!

Happiness comes first to those who are already smiling.

Happiness is a natural state of being, not something we need to achieve.  It automatically surfaces when we remain mindful of the moment.

Smiles chase sadness away.

Cloudbursts become clear skies.  Tears become smiles.

Smiles, like the sun, offer illumination and warmth to all.

In the timeless present, we don’t need a reason to be happy . . . we just are.


No matter your religion, your essential essence is Spirit:  a bottomless well of love, compassion, joy, peace, and acceptance.

Spirit is spirit.  Compassion is compassion.  A blessing is a blessing. ~ The Dalai Lama

As we are reborn moment after moment, our inner light is either growing or diminishing in brightness, based on the focus of our attention.

What we do in this moment matters.  We are either feeding our Spirit, or starving it.

Like a water-wheel, filling and emptying its buckets over and over as it turns, we empty out who we were,  to become more fully who we are meant to be.  When we remain attached to Ego concerns, our buckets do not empty completely, leaving less room for Spirit.

Spirit soars while ego falters.

Our essential nature, like the wateriness of water, does not change.  What changes is our capacity to share that essential nature with the world.

Namaste: The Spirit in me honors the Spirit in you.

Spiritual Path

Letting go is the path to freedom. ~ Lama Surya Das

God rarely mirrors back our thoughts, judgments, and rationalizations.

The Spiritual path requires renunciation, a letting go of attachment to self-centered Ego concerns, such as the need for approval.

When you look at others through the eyes of Spirit, your anger will dissolve into the nothingness that it is.

To become free of attachment means to let go of desires, including the desire to judge, in order to see and accept things as and where they are, right here, right now.

The more you focus on viewing others with love, kindness, compassion, and acceptance, the more your view and God’s view will merge.

When we let go of attachments and expectations, Spirit frees us to evolve, change and grow, from tiny ripples of peace and acceptance, to tidal waves of love and compassion.

An open mind learns more in an hour than a closed mind learns in a year.

You must empty yourself of the past, in order to receive the present. ~ Zen Parable

Chase away idle thoughts, and see the world as it is.


What lies before us, and what lies behind us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson or Oliver Wendell Holmes

There are no ordinary moments.  ~ Socrates, Peaceful Warrior

Look for the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Success comes not from what we do, it comes from who we are.

Success on the outside begins on the inside.

Rather than allowing our thoughts, emotions, and past experiences to dictate our re-actions to new events, we can view life with alert curiosity.

Security and status simply don’t matter.  Courage, faith and aliveness do.

We might as well live. ~ Dorothy Parker

Every moment is a celebration, a miracle, a mystery.

No man is a failure who is enjoying life. ~ William Feather

I would rather be a failure at something I love to do, than a success at something I don’t. ~ George Burns

When we let go of our automatic responses and begin to live spontaneously in the here and now, we uncover the joy and happiness within.


1. cindy - August 12, 2010


nrhatch - August 12, 2010

Better than a damp manilla envelope, eh?

2. Loreen Lee - August 12, 2010

Thought you might enjoy this light-hearted list, just as a contrast. Maybe though I should have left out the sleep part
.Some help on How To Get Through Life
Sleep as much as you can ….
Read books that you enjoy…
Play with simple things…
Do whatever you want —
Whenever you want…
Look for affection when you need it…
Get serious once in a while…
Forget about diets…
Show some affection…
And what you will like……(and why I’m sending this)

Above all, be happy,
Regardless of what
Your challenges may be…
Have a great life!
May your troubles be less,
Your blessings more,
And may nothing but happiness
Come through your door.

Amazing, though, how people have such ‘different’ perspectives….

nrhatch - August 12, 2010

Great list, except maybe the “do whatever you want, whenever you want.” ~ that sounds like living FOR the moment (without any concern for the consequences).

Living IN the moment (e.g., being determined to enjoy THIS moment and all it offers) is more apt to bring about lasting happiness.

Thanks, Loreen.

BTW: Where did it come from?

Loreen Lee - August 12, 2010

My brother. He sends me many each day. Don’t know where he gets them all from. (Not sure about the diet one either, but I agree, it’s an interesting list).

nrhatch - August 12, 2010

I expect that it is included because most “DIETS” don’t work . . . since they’re based on deprivation.

Instead of “DIETING,” we become healthier and fitter when we CHOOSE to make more and more healthy choices, and fewer and fewer unhealthy choices.

Thanks, again.

3. Paula - August 13, 2010

My favorite “S” is Somebody Else. My signature e-mail line has for some time been: The most underrated and overworked person in the world is “Somebody Else.” This really hit home for me when I came across an obituary in a church newsletter one day: “Somebody Else died today, leaving no one to do the jobs that Somebody Else used to do.” Haven’t we all been guilty at one time or another of leaving the task to Somebody Else to do instead of ourselves? Let’s hear it for Somebody Else! That loyal, faithful person who never puts a task on another that she can do herself!

nrhatch - August 13, 2010

Yay for Somebody Else!

Glad somebody else is picking up my slack. : )

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