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Mindfulness Meditation: A Miracle Drug August 11, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Health & Wellness, Meditation, Mindfulness.

Mindfulness Meditation technique is taught at over 200 hospitals around the country for good reason:

* it lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and minimizes the risk of stroke

* it causes physical changes in the brain that protect us as we age.

* it tunes out the mind’s inner chatter and allows people to really notice what’s going on around them

* it allows participants to anchor their awareness in the present

* it reshapes the brain in beneficial ways, and protects cells from damage associated with aging

* it increases pain tolerance, improves cognitive functioning, and decreases the risk of depression

* it decreases anxiety, and protects against normal deterioration in the brain from aging

Ahh . . .

The magic sound of Ohmmm . . . .

To read the entire AARP article:  Mind Changing Meditation

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1. Joanne - August 11, 2010

OhhhhMmmmG…! Yeah, that’ll work 😀

nrhatch - August 11, 2010

Ha Ha!

2. Cities of the Mind - August 11, 2010

Great advice. Mental discipline is key to so many aspects of our lives, and the first step is finding a center; a norm you can return to when you find you’ve lost your balance.

nrhatch - August 11, 2010

Exactly. Life comes at us fast, and can be quite dizzying at time.

Mindfulness practice helps us slow the curve balls down while we regain our footing.

3. cindy - August 12, 2010

Thanks for this and the link Nancy.

nrhatch - August 12, 2010

Mindfulness is especially important when maneuvering through the minefields of life.

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