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FUN with WORDS! August 9, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness.

In 1878, Lewis Carroll invented the doublet, a puzzle in which a word is changed, letter by letter, into another word of the same length.


* The words at either end are usually related.

* Each link in the chain must be a word.

* Complete the transformation in as few words as possible.

Two (2) examples to get you started:



Can you complete the following doublets in 5 or fewer steps?

1.  PIG ~ STY                2.  FLOUR ~ BREAD              3.  FISH ~ MEAT  

4.  HAND ~ FOOT         5.  RICH ~ POOR                  6.  COAL ~ MINE

7.  TEARS ~ SMILE         8.  LIVE ~ DEAD                   9.  APE ~ MAN            

      10.  WORD ~ DEED              11.  SLEEP ~ DREAM

Source:  The Guinness Book of Words, Martin Manser, copyright 1988

Answers soon!


1. Joanne - August 10, 2010

Now, this is something I can sink my brain into…!
Nice way to keep me up all night…Way to go, Nancy… but great diversion from this week’s drama saga… Seriously, I love this kind of stuff.

P.S. — Drama saga all started when I made the definitive decision to stay right where I am, because this is EXACTLY where I want to be right NOW… No more Austin for me… Don’t know if I care to retell it, but I do know everything has a SEASON and a REASON… Only one letter step away from transformation… I’m good…!

nrhatch - August 10, 2010

Wherever you go, there you are. So, if you’re happy where you are, best to just stay put. : )

2. cindy - August 10, 2010

Too early in the morning, my brain is still on defrost 🙂

3. Naomi - August 10, 2010

Mine too. I’ll await the promised answers 🙂

4. nrhatch - August 10, 2010

I’ve decided to post solutions S~L~O~W~L~Y . . . rather than in one fell swoop.

Stay tuned . . .

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