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An Idea Comes of Age (via Agrigirl) August 3, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in People, Sustainable Living.

Throughout the world, women and children are raped and abused by the powers that be.

The cover of TIME magazine this week reveals the inner workings and insanity of the Taliban when women “step out of line” to flee abuse.

Tammy’s article, and the embedded talk at TED by Isabelle Allende, is worth a read and a listen.

To do more, visit:  Global Fund for Women

An Idea Comes of Age in My Own Head I’m in the Pacific Northwest today where I planned to blog about vacation pleasure like hunting for agates and arrowheads, learning to pick nettles and digging for clams. But I can’t get that image out of my head. The open cavity where her nose once was haunts me. If you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about because it’s likely that you can’t forget it either. [caption id=”attachment_1373″ align=”aligncenter” width=”300″ caption=”Flickr CC … Read More

via Agrigirl’s Blog


1. cindy - August 3, 2010

I was just discussing this this very morning, what a crying shame. In this day and age. My heart breaks.

nrhatch - August 3, 2010

The good news is that she is scheduled to come to America for reconstructive surgery.

The bad news is that THEY are out there.

Man’s inhumanity to man (and woman) saddens me.

2. Chad - August 3, 2010

grossly misleading cover… it says “What happens if we leave Afghanistan.” Yet, this girl had her nose and ears cut off even though we’ve had troops there for years. Also, what is this “if” business? Shouldn’t it say “when” we leave Afghanistan?

Tammy McLeod - August 3, 2010

I agree with you Chad. I find that statement misleading and was sad that it uses the shock value of her situation to raise that question. What happened to her has nothing to do with troops.

nrhatch - August 3, 2010

If it’s this horrific while we’re there . . . what’s going to happen when we leave???

That said, we don’t have the resources to police the whole world.

Paula - August 3, 2010

And, I’m not sure exactly who should be doing the policing – except I do know that there better be more women on the police force – whoever it is!

Paula - August 3, 2010

Essentially, I was saying that we’re not exactly the ideal candidates for being the police force – considering our own egregious failings in that department – is there any group/nation that could be?

3. nrhatch - August 3, 2010

I agree with you Paula ~ we need more women in positions of power, policing the world. When you have a few minutes, listen to Isabelle Allende’s talk on Tammy’s blog, it’s excellent.

4. Chad - August 3, 2010

The pro-war pundits like to talk about the Afghan women, but that’s just “cover.” If they really cared about people they would have called for intervention in Darfur, where honest-to-God genocide happened and the world pretty much just watched.

nrhatch - August 3, 2010

The world is full of wonders . . . balanced out by horrors that are beyond my ability to fully grasp.

I view most of the “battles” we’ve fought recently as attempts to protect our “self-interest” . . . rather than legitimate efforts to free the world from tyranny.

5. Mstrongair - August 3, 2010

Excellent post! Thanks for the links.
We women are sometimes afraid of being labelled as feminists and come together with solutions from the heart (not only from the mind).
A group of friends and I began a women’s group to support each other. When some men heard about the group, they said nothing.
One said “Why are you starting a feminist group? Why are you discriminating men? Why men cannot join your group?”
We said the main purpose was to support women and raise some awareness, to help each other; and not a group against men. He was invited to come and join our group if he wanted.

nrhatch - August 3, 2010

Yes, being in favor of equality for women around the globe does not mean being against men.

It means coming together to eliminate discrimination.

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