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Laughter: The Antidote to Insanity August 1, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Health & Wellness, Humor, Music & Dance.

During a vote held last year, WEbookers checking out Laughter is the Best Medicine and Poems for People Who Hate Poems  (a collection of humorous poetry) pressed the “Publish” button only 51% of the time.

My initial reaction:

What’s up with that?!  This stuff is F-U-N-N-Y!

After more than a few moments of head scratching, I realized that those percentages might have nothing to do with the quality of the submissions, or the “popularity contest” which had permeated the vote.

Instead, and more alarming, what if 49% of the populace has lost their sense of humor about life?


How sobering would that be?

Oh, what a world . . . what a world. 

Did pushing “Nope ~ don’t think so” make these sober individuals feel better about life ~ staving off  clinical depression a few more months (or minutes)?

Did our attempts at levity push any angst-ridden writers over the brink into the abyss ~ causing them to seriously consider suicide as the coward’s way out of this journey we call life?

Hmm . . .

I guess we’ll never know.

What I do know . . .

If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane

If we weren’t all crazy . . . we ~ would ~ go ~ insane!  

Thanks, Jimmy!  Enjoy The Year of Still Here!

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1. Tammy McLeod - August 1, 2010

Great reminder about laughter Nancy and maybe inspiration for a future post from me. It is the BEST medicine but so easy to forget.

nrhatch - August 1, 2010


A future post on laughter from AgriGirl . . . just what the doctor ordered!

2. Jingle - August 1, 2010

what fun post!
love your creativity!

nrhatch - August 1, 2010

Thanks, Jingle.

BTW: I love your penname . . . it always makes me smile. : )

3. Mstrongair - August 1, 2010

What an enjoyable post! Great video and music! Thank you!

nrhatch - August 1, 2010

Glad you enjoyed, Maria.

Buffett has some great songs with “so true” lyrics in them. This is one of them. As far as I’m concerned, my ability to laugh is my most important asset . . . without it, I’d be sunk!

Thanks for stopping by.

4. cindy - August 2, 2010
5. Jingle - August 2, 2010


awards are fun, u win the celebrate blogger of June in humor honorable mention award, plus 4 friendship awards, the only cin voted for you.
viola lost her husband,
I lost a general friend,
all together,
please visit and give love to them…

nrhatch - August 2, 2010

Thanks, Jingle. I saw your delightful post this morning.

Keep spreading the light.

6. Judson - August 23, 2010

Very nice. Laughter is great therapy. My recent beach trip was theraputic blog fodder because we laughed so hard at the desperate ring of thieves stealing umbrellas and beach chairs at night. Still laughing today in fact. See what you think.

— Judson

nrhatch - August 23, 2010

Thanks for inviting me around. Your writing style is excellent!

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