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“You’ve Got Mail” July 30, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, Humor.

So, I’m sitting in my office this afternoon, minding my own business, when I feel a tap~tap~tap on my leg. 

I look down to see my six-year-old tabby, anxious to climb onto my lap for some much needed R&R ~ after a vigorous morning of sleeping, catnapping, and washing up on the guest room bed.

As Tigger climbed onto my lap, I decided that I could use some R&R myself.  So, while he purred with bliss, I meditated to the sound of his blissful purr. 

After absorbing a few brilliant insights on the meaning of life, my reverie was interrupted by that familiar voice intoning, “You’ve got mail!”

Already in a contemplative state of mind, I thought of something I had not previously considered:  doesn’t he ever tire of saying the same thing every time an e-mail bounces into my mailbox? 

And into your mailbox?

Maybe he doesn’t mind because he receives a commission each time he utters those three magic words. 

Imagine how wealthy he would be if he had negotiated properly at the outset of the partnership:  “OK, I’ll be your e-mail delivery guy . . . but I get one cent for every time I have to say, ‘You’ve got mail.'” 

That’s a gig that I’d like to have ~ record once, receive commission checks for life. 

Even so, wouldn’t it be more interesting for him, and us, if he mixed up the message a bit, or spoke in different languages, or with funny accents:

“What now?”

“Why can’t they leave you alone???”

“Junk mail!”

“Come quick ~ it’s from Publisher’s Clearing House!”

“Hey Meester . . . an e-mail from your seester.”

“OMG!  E-mail!” 

“Vite! Vite! Cherchez le message!”

“Bonjour!  Une message, c’est arrivee!” (Sorry, my French is a bit rusty).

Well, I may get tired of hearing the same three words repeated throughout my day, but I love regular distractions which cause me to re-surface from imagination long enough to realize that I’m still sitting in my office, with Tigger purring in contentment nearby. 

Off to read the latest!


1. Agatha82 - July 30, 2010

It’s the typing kitties again, love them and I took one home the other day 🙂
Your Tigger sounds lovely, there’s nothing like the sound of cat purring, I don’t know what it is about it but it’s probably one of the most soothing sounds ever.

Funny, I’ve got my email just to beep at me but I am not connected to the internet when I am editing because I get really distracted.

nrhatch - July 30, 2010

Glad that you adopted the typing kitty for your own computer.

Tigger is an awesome, fearsome, fabulous feline! And his purr (when engaged) is beyond compare.

Best mantra for meditation ever!

2. Carol Ann Hoel - July 30, 2010

Couldn’t resist dropping in on a kitty post. I agree about the purring. It has a calming effect. Thanks for sharing.

nrhatch - July 30, 2010

Tigger is my best buddy when I’m writing.
Thanks for dropping by.

3. cindy - July 31, 2010

hahaha, mine doesn’t speak to me, it makes a funny-sad whoopooo noise.

nrhatch - July 31, 2010

Ha, I want to hear the whoopooo noise. Does it sound like the dodo bird? Whoop-oop?

Mine has started to mix it up a bit, alternating between “You’ve Got Mail,” a loud *ping,* and complete silence.

It might be busted, or disgusted, or both.

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