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Beware of Thoughts That Linger July 28, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Mindfulness, Spirit & Ego.

George Harrison wrote songs to share what he had learned on the spiritual path ~ including our ability to conquer the enemy within by guarding our thoughts jealously, and resisting the Ego’s efforts to take us “where we should not go.”

The lyrics to his songs, especially those in the album All Things Must Pass, are  filled with ancient wisdom reminding us to Be Here Now, Let it Roll, and . . .  Beware of Darkness:

Watch out now, take care
Beware of thoughts that linger
Winding up inside your head
The hopelessness around you
In the dead of night

Beware of  sadness
It can hit you, it can hurt you
Make you sore
And what is more
That is not what you are here for


1. Loreen Lee - July 28, 2010

And there comes a point where you know yourself so well, that the pain within your life does not effect you any more. ‘A paraphrase of a quote, can’t remember from who). But it advises that we not necessarily ‘flee from pain or hurt, but rather than we need ‘conquer’ it, and understand the causes. This is not to admit ‘unnecessary’ pain, but knowing the difference between what has not become conscious to ourselves, and what we merely propagate out of such a thing as boredom, so that, for instance, that depression, and the blues, for instance, simply do not ‘come again’. Believe me, it is possible to ‘get to that point’.

nrhatch - July 28, 2010

Attempting to “conquer” pain from the past sounds like too much effort for me ~ it’s just water over the dam.

I’d rather just “let it go” and get on with the moment at hand.

cindy - July 29, 2010

You are right Nancy, you can’t drive a vehicle by only looking in the rear view mirror!

2. nrhatch - July 29, 2010

Damn the torpedos! Full steam ahead! : )

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