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How To Turn Back The Hands Of Time July 22, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, Happiness, Health & Wellness, Humor.

When we allow ourselves to feel positive emotions (joy, bliss, love, kindness, and happiness), we change the structure of our brains and turn back the hands of time.

We grow younger.

We become healthier.

Any thought that moves us from the illusion and deception of Ego into the positive realm of Spirit improves our immune system and our life.

We do not stop laughing because we grow old . . . we grow old because we stop laughing.



1. cindy - July 22, 2010

Clever Mr Chopra.

nrhatch - July 22, 2010

The first time I watched one of his lectures, I went, “HUH???”

Now, I nod knowingly.

2. Loreen Lee - July 22, 2010

Unless you have comes to terms with the elements in your past that have caused or been caused by your or other’s lack of love, through forgiveness, there remains the possibility that they will recur in the present. You cannot bring love to the moment that you have not developed within yourself. It does not come without discipline, and constant effort and the need to ever develop ‘greater’ awareness not only of the joys but of your capacity to be negative not necessarily towards yourself, but unknowingly, towards others.

nrhatch - July 22, 2010

I disagree.

Love is an endless reservoir within which we can access by awakening to Spirit (while telling our Ego to take a hike).

Loreen Lee - July 22, 2010

If you were completely without ego you would be better able to handle disagreement and contestation of the ego of thought.

3. nrhatch - July 22, 2010

Loreen, please see my comment to you on “Dalai Lama: Inner Peace & Happiness.”


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