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Silence The Mind July 20, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, Happiness, Life Balance, Mindfulness.
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The benefits of stilling the mind go far beyond the spiritual aspects of life . . . every part of life improves.

The clouded mind sees nothing.

Inner peace, calm, and clarity are seldom achieved when we look to the Ego for guidance.

The quieter the mind becomes . . . the more we understand.

When we stop analyzing and picking everything apart, when we learn to just accept life as it is, we gain clarity and understanding.

When we stop judging everything as good, bad, right, wrong, we begin to see things as they are.

When we stop looking at life through the tinted and dirty lens of past experience, the clouds part and we can see the sun.

Without so much endless chatter running through our brain, we start to notice what is being offered right here, right now and take time to enjoy it ~ a sunset, a walk in the moonlight, a bird in flight, a lone butterfly.

We reclaim our power.  We no longer crumple into a ball, or feel the need to retaliate, at a harsh glance or an unkind word.

People who toss angry words in our direction rarely disturb our inner peace.

They are mere pebbles on the path.

When we stem the tide of frivolous thoughts endlessly cycling through our brain, we eliminate much of the stress and confusion we’ve felt because we’re no longer distracted by Ego’s petty concerns.

Our priorities become clearer.  Instead of using an ever changing external compass, we look within and use an internal compass to guide our actions.

As insecurity and fear dissipates, we live more courageously.  We no longer worry about what others want us to say, be or do.  Instead, we act with integrity ~ our thoughts, words, and actions in harmony.

We realize, perhaps for the first time, that we don’t need a permission slip to live the life of our dreams.

We are not mired in the past by sad, stale thoughts.  We’re not caught up in endless worry about the future.  We are right here, right now . . . where happiness, joy, peace, tranquility, and serenity reside.

Enjoy this moment.  It won’t last.  The future soon will be the past.  The day quickly becomes the night.  Fill your life with delight.

Quote:  Try spiritual practice and see for yourself. ~ The Buddha

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C’mon . . . Let’s Do It Again! July 20, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Mindfulness, Music & Dance.
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Woke up this morning
With a wine glass in my hand
Who’s wine?
What wine?
Where the hell did I dine?

Must have been a dream
I don’t believe where I’ve been

C’mon . . . let’s do it again!

          WEEEEEEELLLLLLL . . . . . . .

{{Brief Intermission}}

Artwork by Marlane Wurzbach ~ available at Marlane Wurzbach.com.

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