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Throw An Eco-Friendly Party July 18, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Nature, Sustainable Living.

If you’re planning to enjoy the green grass of summer with a backyard cookout, picnic, or barbecue . . . keep the theme GREEN!


The Nature Conservancy can help you include a Green Theme for your next party or celebration.  Check out Green Tips for:

* Food ~ local, organic, and vegetarian
* Lawn & Garden ~ native plants
* Drinks ~ pitchers instead of individually packaged drinks
* Furniture ~ recycled materials
* Decorations ~ natural, repurposed, or reuseable
* Clean Up ~ separate bins for compost, recycling, and trash

For more tips:  Everyday Environmentalist ~ Green Outside Party Tips

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1. Tammy McLeod - July 18, 2010

I love that someone is paying attention to eco friendly entertaining! My personal pet peeve is the drinks especially with a house full of teens. They open one, drink half, and then open another. Pitchers are truly a big step in the right direction.

nrhatch - July 18, 2010

I loved the ideas in this article . . . by incorporating some (or all) of them, we can still enjoy our FUN in the SUN without taking such a toll on the planet.

2. cindy - July 19, 2010

Pitchers are a great idea, kind of nostalgic really.

nrhatch - July 19, 2010

I still remember my grandmothers pitchers ~ used to store orange juice and iced water and lemonade.

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