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Xtreme Eating 2010 June 27, 2010

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Americans are fat and getting fatter . . .

In Xtreme Eating 2010, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) shares the reason why:

We eat too much!


From Five Guys Fries to Towering Chocolate Truffle Cake, we’re eating sugar, fat, and white flour in record quantities, while setting new records on our bathroom scales.

Dig in!

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The Art of Whimsy June 27, 2010

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Anna Maria Island is populated by many talented artists, a few of whom I’ve featured in these pages:

Year of the Cat ~ Artwork by Barbara Hines 

Anywhere Is ~ Artwork by Carole Dougherty

Signs of the Times ~ Artwork by Barbara Orear 

The Zen of Cooking ~ Artwork by Anne Abbgott 

Summer Is . . . ~ Artwork by Marlane Wurzbach

Lost In Thought ~ Artwork by Maitte Van Arsdel  

 An Island In The Sun ~ Artwork by Richard Stewart 

Happy Anniversary, Baby ~ Artwork by Marlane  Wurzbach ~ available at Marlane Wurzbach.com. 

Today’s featured Island Artist, Barbara Hines, is an environmentalist  known for her whimsical and heart-felt depictions of Anna Maria Island and the surrounding area.

Her paintings reflect her sense of humor, her love of nature, and her respect for creatures, great and small.

For a more complete bio:  Barbara Hines ~ About the Artist 

If you love bright colors and whimsical paintings, check out  Barbara’s Island Art at:

Island Gallery West

Artist Guild’s Gallery

Barbara Hines Island Art

Her website includes:

Gallery #1: Whimsical Island Art is filled with the art of whimsy!

Gallery #2:  Island Art features manatees, parrots, sea turtles and more!

Gallery #3:  Barbara’s latest creations!

Quote:  Many things in life will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart.  Pursue these.  ~ Michael Nolan

10 Tips for Safer Summer Vacations June 27, 2010

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If you’re planning to hit the road this summer, here are a few tips to increase your safety and security while away from home:

1.  Make sure that your car is serviced properly and has a full tank of gas before heading out on a road trip, especially through less populated areas.

2.  Charge your cell phone before you leave and bring your recharger with you ~ dead phones are no use when an unexpected emergency arises.

3.  Do not leave pets or children unattended in cars on sunny days, even with the windows cracked.  Cars can quickly become ovens.

4.  Do not leave valuable in your car in plain sight.  Move them to the trunk, or take them with you.

5.  When visiting amusement parks, or other crowded venues, set up a place (and time) to meet in case you get separated from one another ~ especially if everyone in the group does not have a cell phone!

6.  If you have young children, let them know who they can, and cannot, trust if they get lost.  Tell them to S`C`R`E`A`M  loudly if a stranger tries to pick them up or move them out of the area.

7.  If you’re staying in a hotel, make sure to lock the door with the auxiliary locks so that no one can enter the room while you’re sleeping.  If someone knocks on your door claiming to be an employee (e.g., housekeeping or room service), call the front desk to confirm who they are before letting them in.

8.  Let friends and family know where you’re going, especially if you are heading off the beaten path.

Pluto-Rollerskating9.  If you are hiking, backpacking, camping, or riding the rapids in isolated areas, make sure to let park rangers know where you are headed and how long you expect to be on the trail.

10.  Always travel with enough water to keep everyone hydrated, especially if you plan to be outdoors sight-seeing on hot, sunny days.

With a bit of planning and preparation, your summer vacation will be memorable for all the right reasons!

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The Age of Mis-Information June 27, 2010

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Donald-Duck-LazyMuch of what we think we know is based on information supplied by others ~ how much of it is true?

How can we separate the wheat from the chaff?

A $30,000 study on reusable tote bags concluded that many of the bags were contaminated by raw meat juices.

That made sense to me.  I accepted it as true:  Living Sustainably is a Challenge

Reading further, I came across a claim that the study was biased from the outset . . . because it was funded by plastic bag manufacturers who sought to discourage the use of reusable totes in order to keep profits high.

Should I accept the study’s findings, or not?

Growing up, my mother told me to drink my milk because it would create strong bones and a healthy body.

The author of Milk ~ The Deadly Poison  claims my mother, like many, has been brainwashed into believing health claims for milk that are nothing more than propaganda and lies by the dairy industry.

Using his science background, he claims that calcium is poorly absorbed from milk and that milk leaches calcium from the bones, increasing the risk of osteoporosis.

He points to studies showing that nations with the highest incidence of osteoporosis are those with the highest consumption of milk and other dairy products.

More specifically, per Amazon’s description of the book:

Robert Cohen performed research in the 1970’s on the hormonal effects on the brain and behavior. Twenty-five years later, this father of three became concerned about the most controversial drug approval in FDA history, the genetically engineered hormone that is now in our milk supply.

Along the way, Cohen discovered that milk is implicated in causing breast cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, and chronic childhood illnesses. Cohen’s skills as a researcher, and his passion for the safety of his family, led to his single-minded pursuit to expose the truth about milk.

To insure that all citizens of the world learn the truth, Cohen founded and is executive director of America’s Dairy Education Board, a group of nationally prominent doctors dedicated to dispelling the myth that milk is nature’s perfect food.

Who do I believe?  My mother . . . or a man I’ve never met?

My mother did not do any independent testing on milk and its effect on calcium absorbtion.  She is merely relying on what she’s been told over time by others.

But the author, despite his impressive credentials, might have a secret agenda ~ to increase the sales of his book in order to leave a legacy behind.

Who do I believe?

GM created an Electric Car, then stopped production, claiming there was no demand for the car.

The documentary Who Killed The Electric Car? claims that pressure from the oil companies, and dealers,  caused GM to abandon production and pull all the leased cars off the street . . . to crush them.

People who had driven and loved the cars told film crews that, when they begged GM to buy the cars, GM refused their offers.

Are their claims true?   Conspiracy in action?

Steven Meyers claimed to have developed a car powered by water.  He died somewhat mysteriously.  Was he silenced due to his invention?  Or were his claims fraudulent from the start in order to attract money from investors?

Where is the truth?

How much of the information on our radar screens is accurate and reliable?  And how much of it is mis-information designed to manipulate our actions, our beliefs, and our consumption of goods and services?

If I knew, I would tell you . . .

Would you believe me?

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