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Hurricanes: What’s Your Name? June 25, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Nature.

250px-TropicalStormFranklin05Hurricane Season runs from June to November when water temps are most conducive to the formation of tropical depressions (winds up to 38 mph), tropical storms (winds from 39-73 mph), and hurricanes (winds of 74 mph and greater).

Meteorologists and emergency management experts agree that using short, distinctive given names for storms and hurricanes is quicker and less subject to error than other identification methods, especially when more than one storm is brewing at sea or preparing to make landfall.

Since 1953, Atlantic tropical storms have been named from lists originated by the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

The original list featured only women’s names.

In 1979, men’s names were added to alternate with women’s names.

Before the start of the season, weather experts prepare tracking charts with the 21 names to be assigned whenever tropical cyclones reach sustained wind speeds of 39 mph, or above.

If more than 21 named tropical storms occur in the Atlantic basin in a given year, additional storms take names from the Greek alphabet:  Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, etc.

For 2010, the 21 names waiting to be assigned to tropical storms yet to be born:

Alex * Bonnie * Colin * Danielle * Earl * Fiona *   Gaston * Hermine * Igor * Julia * Karl * Lisa *    Matthew * Nicole * Otto * Paula * Richard * Shary * Tomas * Virginie * Walter

Are you on the list????

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1. cindy - June 26, 2010

hehe, I wonder at the significance of the chosen names.

nrhatch - June 26, 2010

I don’t know, but there’s quite a few writers I know on the list . . . Richard, Fiona, Paula, Alex, Lisa.

Maybe it’s because writers blow around lots of hot air! : )

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