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Get 136 miles per gallon! June 25, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Magick & Mystery, Sustainable Living.

Want to improve your “gas” mileage?

How about traveling from California to New York City on only 22 gallons . . . of water?!

Stanley Meyers (now deceased) claimed to have invented an electric fuel cell which would allow automobiles to run on water.

How much is his patent worth?  Well, oil producing nations allegedly offered him a billion dollars for it.

In an interesting twist, the day after he signed a contract with the US Government, he died.

Of food poisoning at a Cracker Barrel restaurant.

Hmm . . .

For more details on his death:  Inventor Dies Mysterious Death

Whether or not someone killed Stanley Meyers in 1998 because of his claimed invention, it’s now 12 years later and our government is still intent on permitting Big Oil to drill off shore rather than investing in renewable technology which is available.

Why is that???  Could it be . . . BP?

Demand Change:

For a post disputing Meyer’s claims:  Stanley Meyer’s Water Fuel Cell

For more on Green Transportation alternatives:  Inhabitat ~ Design Will Save The World * The Unicab EV for NYCGreen Packs ~ Transportation


1. deepercolors - June 25, 2010

Water, corn,grass, leftover french-fry oil from McDonald’s. Anything but gasoline.

nrhatch - June 25, 2010

I agree!

What is happening in the Gulf of Mexico needs to STOP!

2. Paula - June 25, 2010

I agree…let’s hear it for Jimmy Carter! While in office he established subsidies for inventors and companies to come up with alternate, non-fossil-fuel, renewable energy resources. There were several initial giant steps made in that direction. When Reagan took over, that program was quashed, and the inventors/companies were lured to Denmark, which now is among the most fuel-efficient, alternate fuel using countries in the world! What’s wrong with this country?

nrhatch - June 25, 2010

Big Oil.
The Meat Industry.
The Dairy Industry.
Car Manufacturers.
Profits at all costs.

That’s it. That’s what is wrong with this country.

These industries contribute to campaigns . . . and then the elected politicians enact laws that protect them. They use their bloated profits to hire lobbyists to continue the cycle.

I’m voting for the GREEN candidate from now on. Republicans and Democrats are too beholden to big business.

3. Tammy McLeod - June 25, 2010

I hate conspiracy theories however after watching the documentary “who killed the EV”, I can be pretty suspicious. Guess it depends which road stop the Crackerbarrel was located at…

nrhatch - June 25, 2010

I felt the same way until I saw Who Killed The Electric Car.

I’m convinced that car manufacturers are in cahoots with Big Oil . . . that GM killed the Electric Car because the Oil Companies paid GM to crush the cars.

And, worst of all, politicians pave the way. They allow it to happen. They subsidize big business and turn their backs on alternative energy that is cleaner, safer, and less detrimental to the planet.

Because Big Oil Companies have Way Too Much Clout.

Obama is flip flopping around like a dying fish ~ lifting moratoriums on drilling, reinstating moratoriums (figuring that once we all calm down, drilling can resume). The White House went on record by saying that lifting the moratorium was an effort to “curry favor” with politicians beholden to Big Oil.

It’s a sad state of affairs.

Maybe a Hurricane will wipe out all of Washington DC in one fell swoop and we can start over. : )

4. cindy - June 26, 2010

My inner conspiracy theorist screamed loud as a kettle’s whistle on this one 😦

nrhatch - June 26, 2010

At least the way the story is being presented . . .

Richard is the one who pointed me to the Wikipedia article. It may be that Meyers engaged in efforts to defraud investors ~ even so, there are alternative technologies available to us that we aren’t using.

It’s time for a change.

5. granny1947 - June 26, 2010

My word that is interesting!!!

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