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Living Green = Green Living June 20, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Health & Wellness, Sustainable Living.

One person cannot change the world . . . but we can ALL make more conscious choices to collectively make a difference.

Here’s a collection of tips for Living Green and Green Living . . . including changing your diet to include more vegetarian, vegan, or meat*less meals:

Living Green Tips:  Join Team Earth * Schoolyard HabitatsAction Alerts * Be Water Wise * Lighten Up Your Life * Solar Attic Fans * Wildlife Gardening * You Better Stop Shopping Around * A Trip to the Farmer’s Market * Join a C.S.A. * Health Benefits From Greening Your Life Freedom * No Impact Man: Gradual Change *  A Greener America * Start Composting * Mad Hatter’s Almost Eco-Friendly Tea Party * Give Your Stuff Away Day * Going To The Green Living Expo

Adopting a Vegetarian Diet: The Truth Behind Meat Labels *  Become A Voice of Compassion * A Trip to the Farmer’s Market * Join a C.S.A. * Health Benefits From Greening Your Life * Got Milk?  Toss It Out!Freedom * All The Gory Details * Top Ten List ~ Vegetarian * No Impact Man: Gradual Change * Do Ya Think They’re Sexy? * Go HSUS!  * Yummy Hummus * A Trip To The Farmer’s MarketTen Ways to Fiber Up Your Diet * Bon Appetit!

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1. vtmhess - June 20, 2010

Here’s one for people living in cities offering curbside compost service. If you’re having problems storing stinky food waste in your kitchen like I was, check this gizmo out, http://www.compokeeper.com./

2. deepercolors - June 20, 2010

Thanks for the links. 🙂

nrhatch - June 20, 2010

I decided to do this index after hitting 400 posts the other day in part because we were having a house full of house guests.

They’re gone now.
It’s quiet.
I can return to writing . . .


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