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Get Out!!!! June 18, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Exercise & Fitness, Health & Wellness.

Habits instilled when we are young tend to stick with us for life.  Likewise, weight we gain when we are young tends to stick with us for life.

Encouraging  kids to put down the remotes and set aside the video games to go outside  and play can be challenging . . . unless we motivate ourselves to join them!  Here’s your key to articles on getting outside and enjoying life with or without the kids!

Activities for Kids:

Wildlife Gardening with Kids * 10 FREE Activities To Enjoy With Kids * 10 Almost FREE Activities For Kids * Top 10 BETs * 10 More Fun Activities For Kids *  Gather Round The Good Stuff * Tiny Green Thumbs WorkshopThe Portable Classroom

Celebrating the Great Outdoors:

The Great American Backyard Campout * Living Green Tip ~ Schoolyard HabitatsOutdoor Fun For The Whole FamilyExplore the Great Outdoors * Wildlife Gardening with Kids

Exercise & Fitness:

Walk Off Some Weight * Health Benefits From Greening Your Life A Walk in the Waves * Bag Ladies on the Beach * Let’s Go Fly . . . A Bike! * Pedaling With Pets

Get up!  Get out!  Get moving!

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1. cindy - June 18, 2010

Morning Nancy, I do hope lots of the right people get to read this post and follow the links. I think it is child abuse if kids are allowed to get heavy.

nrhatch - June 18, 2010

I agree. And when I see parent feeding their overweight kids junk food, it’s all I can do to bite my tongue. : )

Parents need to educate themselves and share the knowledge with their kids ~ get up, get out, get moving.

2. Paula - June 18, 2010

So much more education needs to be done…but most especially for parents. It is distressing for me to watch the past two or three generations grow up and out primarily because their parents have abrogated their responsibilities, and ceded their proper influence to the TV, computer, and hand-held games – because it’s “easier.” Parenting isn’t supposed to be “easy!” It should be challenging in all respects, and the more the challenge is met, the more exciting, fun, and rewarding! Besides diet and exercise, parents should set the example for hard work, charitable giving and concern for others, respect for the environment and all our fellow beings on this planet. So much work to be done, and it sometimes seems as though it is being done less and less!

nrhatch - June 18, 2010

We must be the change we wish to see in the world.

If we exercise, eat right, and show compassion for all beings, others will follow in our footsteps . . . eventually. ; )

3. Paula - June 18, 2010

Off the subject, but thought you and the readers would enjoy this…especially all the bloggers out there: http://www.gocomics.com/bc/2010/06/18/

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