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Happy Anniversary, Baby! June 16, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, People, Writing & Writers.

Today’s our 26th Anniversary!


After a delicious lunch at Fire and Stone, I decided to clean house.

While sorting through papers, I ran across a poem I wrote last Valentine’s Day.

Perfect synchronicity for today:

We celebrated twenty-five years last June
On the beach, beneath the light of the moon

Bright as the sun, the moon filled the night sky
Casting forth silver beams as clouds drifted by

I reached for your hand, as you reached for mine
We shared that moment ~ a silver sliver in time

To BFF ~ the sweetest guy on the planet!

Love is such a big word, it really should have more letters.  ~ Kobi Yamada

 * * * * *

Artwork by Marlane Wurzbach ~ available at Marlane Wurzbach.com.



1. Richard W Scott - June 16, 2010

Congratulations on 26 years!

nrhatch - June 16, 2010

Thanks, Rik!

2. Paula - June 16, 2010

Any anniversary is an accomplishment these days. I wish you both all the best, and many more years of happiness and mutual fulfillment! I write music – can do it for just about anybody, except for my husband – except this one song I wrote after we had been married about 6 years or so. The lyrics are:

Haven’t I always been in love with you?
Haven’t I always lived my life with you?
Hasn’t there always been a dream we two could share?
Haven’t we always lifted our hearts as one in prayer?

Verse 1:
It seems like only yesterday a thousand years ago
We said our first “hello” and made a vow.
A wedding of our hearts and minds,
An offering of our lives –
We set aide our yesterdays and walked into the now.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2:
And when we sing together now
Another voice enters in
And sings along –
Shattering our doubts and fears,
Empowering the love we feel,
Becoming a part of the song!
Sweet Spirit::

Haven’s we always been in love with You?
Haven’t we always lived our lives for You?
Haven’t You always had a dream for us to share?
Haven’t we always lifted our hearts as one, to You, in prayer?

I love your sweet poem…bet your husband does too! Thanks for sharing with all of us!
Happy Anniversary!

nrhatch - June 16, 2010

Thanks for sharing your love song.

I’ve written several songs (and poems) for my husband over the years ~ he’s always been my biggest fan. ; )

I also wrote a song for John (my brother-in-law) and sang it at his wedding to Tara ~ Hand in Hand, and Heart in Heart.

One of these days, I need to pick up my guitar again and do some serious strumming!

3. eaw00002 - June 16, 2010

what a lovely piece of literature.

nrhatch - June 16, 2010

You are too kind . . . way too kind. : )

4. Joanne - June 16, 2010

I hope you will pick up your guitar again… Get yourself a YouTube account and start singing and sharing with us…!

nrhatch - June 16, 2010

Thanks, Joanne!

Not sure about the youtube account, but I would like to start playing again more regularly. : )

5. theonlycin - June 17, 2010

Happy 26th anniversary, Nancy and BFF.

“What’s so remarkable about Love at first sight? It’s when people have been looking at each other for years that it becomes remarkable.”

nrhatch - June 17, 2010

Thanks, Cin!

BFF and I didn’t start dating for more than a year after we met ~ probably close to 2 years. By the time we started dating, we knew we enjoyed each others company. laughed at the same things, and believed in mutual respect.

Now 30 years after our first date ~ we still enjoy each others company, laugh at the same things, and believe in mutual respect.

It’s a good menu for a marriage.

6. granny1947 - June 17, 2010

Congratulations….that doesn’t happen so often anymore!

nrhatch - June 17, 2010

Thanks . . . I wish everyone could find someone like BFF.

“Happiness is being married to your best friend.”

7. Mstrongair - June 17, 2010


Happy anniversary!

Love it!

nrhatch - June 17, 2010

Thanks, Maria. We had a GRAND time. : )

8. Andalib - June 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary Nancy and BFF!
Wishing you another 26 years of love, happiness and joy!!


nrhatch - June 18, 2010

Thanks, Andy!

Wishing you lots of love, happiness, and joy too!

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