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Summer Is . . . June 14, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Nature, Poetry, Writing & Writers.

SUMMER IS . . .                           by Joanne Dagonese Fruin, Guest Blogger

Wide-eyed morning sun,
reflecting mirrored dew drops
on slim, green blades of grass.
Climbing ladders of clouds,
reaching for noon’s position,
sun rests in blue warmth.
Sticky afternoons,
lemonade-trickling lazy,
and icey-cold showers.
Relaxing night breezes
    in blue-velvet skies with
sprinkled specks of spark
Blared-out melodies
from rainbowic ferris-wheels
surrounded by joy.
Fourth of July rockets,
color-splashed nights and
when I’m with you.

Joanne Dagonese, 10/4/72

Joanne Dagonese Fruin is an artist, teacher, musician, writer, entrepreneur, free thinker, and all-round creative spirit.

To learn more about Joanne:

Joanne Fruin:  Multi-dimensional Muse 

If you’re in the shopping mode . . . swing by Joanne’s latest endeavor to “green” the economy.

Her Etsy shop, JEANETIC TRAITS, is full of DNA (Design ‘N’ Artitude) of the jeanetic kind.

In time, Joanne’s stock will go beyond re-purposed clothing and into unique home accents.

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Artwork by Marlane Wurzbach ~ available at Marlane Wurzbach.com.


1. theonlycin - June 15, 2010

Beautiful and very talented lady. Well done Joanne.

2. Joanne - June 15, 2010

WOW…! I’ve never gone to guest-blogger status before… I’m deeply touched and honored… Maybe I should pull out more of my stuff from my high-school archives… Uh-oh… I may have to get back to updating my website… And my neighbor just gave me a couple of nice pairs of jeans to re-make… Oh, and now I’ve got to create a video to send to Oprah for a chance to get my own TV show… and then there are all of those songs I wrote that need to be recorded… Focus, Joanne, focus…! Being an multi-muse does have its challenges 😀

nrhatch - June 15, 2010

Thanks so much for appearing!

When I’m inspired and enthusiastic about life, there are more avenues for creativity than I have time to enjoy ~ I want to paint, dance, write, sing, soar!

Good luck with your audition tape for Oprah:

* Arts and Crafts ~ a new creation for homeviewers to work on every week

*Karaoke . . . an audience member being selected to sing on stage with the band and go home with the recorded session

* Guests from Powerful Intentions, authors, etc.


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