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Just Leap . . . And The Net Appears June 11, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Magick & Mystery, Poetry.

Our journey to Florida commenced when I wrote Palm Trees and Capris to describe how I would spend my last 24 hours on Earth . . . under the warm Florida sun, surrounded by family and friends.

That vision became reality in Self Fulfilling Prophesies.

Of course, none of us know how long we have before we exit this Earth.  Any day could be our last day.  It pays to make the most of the present moment.

“Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first.”

After writing about my imagined last day, we decided to spend the holidays in Florida, soaking up some sun.  We rented a vacation home on Anna Maria Island, just south of Tampa, at a bargain price, and headed south a week before Christmas with our cat, Tigger.

Being on the Paradise Coast exceeded our expectations.

We loved being in shorts and flip flops, on the beach, on New Year’s Eve.

We loved being two hours from my sister and her family.

We loved the warm gulf breezes and the Florida sunshine.

We knew that this was where we wanted to be.

As the first week of our vacation ended, we resisted the idea of returning to the cold Northeast where our home on the Chesapeake Bay had languished on the market for 15 months.

We took a gamble and signed a short term lease in Bradenton, knowing that we only had enough money to cover both places for the duration of the lease.

After that, we would have to pack up our stuff, return to Maryland, and scramble to find jobs in an uncertain economy.

Despite our fears, we decided to do what we wanted to do, and keep our fingers crossed that our gamble would pay off.

Our fears hold us back
Spirit propels us forward
Listen to your heart

We returned to Maryland in early January to:

(1) relist the house at a lower asking price
(2) rent a moving van
(3) pack up personal belongings
(4) stage the house for sale with furniture and artwork
(5) allow BFF to resign from Habitat for Humanity and work two final weeks.

Mid-January, on a frigid day, with arctic winds blowing off the Bay creating  sub-zero wind chills, we pulled out of our driveway and headed south.  Two days later, we began unpacking boxes to settle into our temporary digs ~ a somewhat challenging task.

To conserve funds, we had rented a one bedroom, one bath apartment with a kitchen the size of a postage stamp.  We left most furniture in Maryland with the house ~ we had no dressers, bookcases, or hutches to store our stuff.

After unpacking what we could, we started to explore the area.  But, instead of enjoying the sun, surf, and sand, as we had on vacation, we worried about worst-case scenarios . . . visions of financial ruin swirling through our heads.

Instead of allowing life to unfold, a day at a time, we stressed ourselves with imaginings.

In early February, as we left an Arts and Crafts Festival, the Universe directed my attention to a book with a bright cover emblazoned with two words:


I picked it up, opened it to a random page, and found several quotes about not giving in to fear.

As I read the quotes, I felt the stress melting out of me, being replaced by happiness.

I found myself smiling that we had willingly embraced uncertainty.

I heard the Universe whispering, Don’t worry.  Be Happy.  Everything’s gonna be fine, fine, fine!  

As doubts resurface
The Universe reminds us
To sail without fear

The next day, we received an offer on the house.   A cash offer, with no contingencies.  The buyers did not need to apply for a mortgage.  They loved the house, and felt no need to delay closing for appraisals or inspections.  They wanted all the furnishings we had left, except a TV.

On February 14th, we received the best Valentine’s Day gift ever ~ freedom!

Our life is our own
When we embrace our freedom
Instead of our fear

Just leap . . . and the net appears.

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1. Joanne - June 11, 2010

Very encouraging… I was just thinking how different my own circumstances are; but the message is the same… BE HAPPY… and although I have found a multitude of diversions that make me feel good, I realize that nothing and no one but ME can make me BE HAPPY 😀

nrhatch - June 11, 2010

When we are happy with what we have . . . we tend to attract even more things to be happy about.

Maybe because we’re brimming with positivity!

2. Paula - June 11, 2010

Did the comment I made in re this post show up anywhere, or am I losing what’s left of my mind? I’m quite sure I posted, and read it after it posted in order to count the typos, but…poof!

nrhatch - June 11, 2010

You’re not losing your mind . . . you commented on the related post, Self-Fulfilling Prophesies! : )

Paula - June 11, 2010

Go figure…Sorry about that, but it’s good to know that I still have a tiny bit of gray matter left – otherwise my last 24 wouldn’t be very fruitful!

3. nrhatch - June 11, 2010

No apology necessary. Thanks for stopping by to read both.

The first focuses on figuring out what you want from life.
This one focuses on dealing with the fear that holds us back.

But they deal with the same situation.

4. Agatha82 - July 10, 2010

It takes a lot of courage to leap blindly into nothingness so to speak,so well done for daring because you’re right, the net does appear.

nrhatch - July 10, 2010

It always has for me. But I wouldn’t test the theory by jumping out of a plane without a parachute. : )

Being bold allows our spirit to shine!

5. ceceliafutch - June 26, 2011

Fantastic post about following one’s dreams, leap of faith, trust, etc. Great reminder to us all. 🙂

ceceliafutch - June 26, 2011

I’m a little late arriving at this page, but still appropros.

nrhatch - June 26, 2011

That’s the wonderful thing about blogs . . . the archives often contain interesting nuggets.

I’m in the process of clearing out some of the clutter from the past 18 months of blogging. Some posts will be re-worked and re-posted and some will be deleted since they are no longer relevant.

nrhatch - June 26, 2011

It seemed to tie in nicely with your comment about following our own path through life, Cecelia.

When we’re on a unique spiritual journey, we don’t have a road map as the path unfolds before us ~ and we can’t compare ourselves to others to measure our progress.

That’s where synchronicity comes into play . . . giving us the necessary reassurance that we are, indeed, headed the right way.

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