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Alaska Senator Sponsors Dirty Air Act June 10, 2010

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Earth_Eastern_HemisphereAs hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil surge into the Gulf of Mexico, threatening dolphins, fish, birds, and other wildlife, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski has sponsored a bill (SJ Res 26) that will dismantle America’s Clean Air Act and allow oil companies and big polluters off the hook and keep America addicted to oil.  See Dirty Air Act.

The vote is scheduled for today, June 10th.

Murkowski is following in Sarah Palin’s footsteps with the misguided cry of Drill, Baby, Drill . . . or in this case, Spew, Baby Spew.

What is it about representatives from Alaska?

Are their brains FROZEN in the “lock and load for lobbyists” position???

America’s Clean Air Act has a nearly 40-year track record of cutting dangerous pollution to protect human health and the environment.

The Murkowski bill (drafted by Big Oil lobbyists) would undermine the Clean Air Act by preventing efforts to reduce harmful global warming pollution and by undermining protections for public health and the environment.

A vote for the Murkowski Dirty Air Act is a vote FOR more pollution, and AGAINST the planet.

Instead of rolling back the Clean Air Act, we need the Senate to pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation that will protect our environment, bolster our economy, and move us toward a clean energy future.

It’s time to stop listening to people who are willing to put profits ahead of the planet ~ you know, people like Murkowski, Palin, and Rush Limbaugh.

Let’s hope our Senators have the good sense to oppose the Murkowski “Dirty Air Act” when it gets called for a vote today.

The future is at hand.   Our time is now.  We can change the World.

Our future, our world, our planet.

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One Mind, One Muse June 10, 2010

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This morning, as I poured my coffee, I contemplated its companionable silence ~  perfect for early morning hours:

* No questions
* No demands
* No diatribe
* No sass
* No judgment
* No comment

Just pure energizing aroma and warmth circulating through my cloudy brain.

Coffee in hand, I wandered back to my office and saw an e-mail announcing one of Cindy’s latest posts . . .


Aah, the universal internet, such a strange brew. 

One Mind, One Muse.

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Living Green Tip ~ A Greener America June 10, 2010

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Goofy-Riding-A-BikeIf we want a Greener America in the future, we should take time to celebrate and applaud the ideas and actions of Green Americans ~ the innovators, early adopters, and educators whose green ideas and innovations paved the way for a Greener future for America.

But before you do that . . . take a good look in the mirror.

That’s right.  Every time you took an action for a greener future or passed along information to family and friends, you participated in the gradual shift of ideas and values that led us to where we are today ~ a time when more and more Americans are asking companies, businesses, and politicians to invest in a greener economy.

Let’s look at a few innovations and ideology shifts that brought us to this moment in time:

* Without solar energy’s early adopters, there wouldn’t be a solar industry ready for a government stimulus.

* Without commuters opting for mass transit over gas guzzlers, stimulating the light-rail industry wouldn’t make sense.

* Without people taking steps to make their homes more energy efficient, businesses would not realized that weatherizing homes and businesses is a win-win-win for jobs, energy security, and the environment.

Today, we have a lot to be proud of, but we still have a ways to go if we want a  just and sustainable future for America and the rest of the world.

Some steps to consider:

* Weatherize your home:  Energy-efficient improvements and upgrades are always the first step toward greener energy use.  Cut your energy bill in half with Green America’s “Efficiency First” magazine.

* Invest in solar and other renewables:  Dirty and dangerous forms of energy like coal, oil, gas, and nuclear power have received preferential treatment from the government for years.  Now, solar and wind are able to compete on a slightly more level playing field.  The Solar Energy Industries Association estimates that the federal stimulus package will create 67,000 jobs in the solar industry this year.   Read Green America’s articles on going solar at home.

* Support “smart grid” infrastructure: We need to modernize our electric grid.  “Smart grid” infrastructure allows customers to put energy on the grid as well as take it off, improves long-distance transmission capacity, and enables a massive deployment of solar, efficiency and plug-ins.  Read Green America’s Real Green article, “7 Solutions from the Green Economy.”

 * Green your transportation:  Use mass transit (buses and trains) where available.  Support efforts to expand public transportation.  Walk or bike when possible.  Car pool with others.  Combine errands to run at once.

*Consider fuel economy:  When shopping for your next car, consider fuel economy before signing on the dotted line.   Greener technologies, like pure electrics and plug-in hybrids, will get you (and US!) where we want to go faster, cheaper, and cleaner.  Cut your fuel costs using Green America’s comparative automobile chart.

* Oppose federal funding for dirty energy, including nuclear power:  Nuclear power is unsafe, risky, and unnecessary.  Read Green America’s 10 Strikes against nuclear power.

Let’s all become Green Americans by joining the renewable energy revolution.

Join us at Hands Across The Sands.

The future is at hand.

Our time is now.

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